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I Fixed My Time Machine!


[/quote] yep they still do that. old traditions die hard…

Probably lots of people that don’t know what that is. A “Damn Fine” tradition. It should live forever, and in our place, have the immortality we cannot.


Bring me back half dozen or so of these, Ned Buntline special’s, I could retire. now.
specially the S&W model 320’s they rare/scarce.

ned%20buntline%20special%20holster ned%20buntline%20special%20sale
even way back then, they recognized the value of a break down pistol cal carbine…


@GOBLIN Oh my that S&W is some sweet lookin shooter! Now that is a weapon a man could be proud of. :blush:


another pic of S&Ws Schofield revolver N

ed Buntline special
like that forearm fitment

now by todays rules and regulations, would that make this firearm a SBR or more likely a AOW??? :roll_eyes:


@GOBLIN look at the gorgeous grain pattern on that wood! Its like seeing a really pretty girl it makes my heart skip a beat. :blush::+1:


I would go back just enough so that I could stop the diabetes then that is hurting my lovely wife now of 31 years.


I know I keep referring back to older rifles/handguns. but they were not only functional, as they had to be, but works of true craftsmanship.
take this Ballard -Marlin custom Shuetzen in caliber .38/55 creedmore hook buttplate.
this is a long range rifle. hand engraving work, flawless. this one sold for $14,000.00

if you cant find me 6 of em, alternate would be the Ballard in 45/90

breech Locks, love the cyanide finish (heat treat colors) on the receivers. thats whats taking so long to finish my 1912 winchester 30WCF, I sent the receiver off to have it done in that finish. only one place i could find still does it…
and while yer out, stop in the 70s/80s and pick me up a dozen of these, R.E.K.A.T. (round eye knife and tool) folding hobbit. have seen these sell, used and skuffed at above 500$ NIB, for around $800, Black version NIB at 1000 when i got mine, they were 55 out of the back of SOF magazine… these were the folding knife counter part to carry if you also had a AL-MAR WARRIOR knife…


I’ll play along. Name this rifle. I wish I could have one.


@GOBLIN I don’t blame you one bit on the Ballards…I will never own one but they are pieces of art. :grin:

@Kona I gotta come clean, unless we are talking about european/asian military arms 1890-1950, you probably know more than me.

But my guess is going to be a Sig 556 SBR…but I have a feeling I am wrong! :astonished:

(It looks like the side folder…I almost bought one of their 7.62x39 a few years back.)


@Johnksg swing and a miss. Correct manufacturer though :+1:t2:


@Kona never got much call to document and evaluate a modern weapon! LOL

PM me the answer I am curious now but don’t want to spoil it for the rest. :grin::+1:


Sig ,looks like the SG 553 / STGW 04 ?


Sig 552 Commando ???


Well done @GOBLIN :+1:t2:


Same blood line @Don68


@Kona that was a good one…maybe we should give this game its own thread? LoL


and, im outta likes already… 2hrs before i can hit em again…


@GOBLIN I liked that your outta likes because I like that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


here ya go, a unique one… bring me 10 of em, and 200,000. rounds… now what is it?

it is real, and it does fire…


looks like something from robocop @goblin