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I Fixed My Time Machine!


Marvin the martin!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Johnksg @Wedgedisfunctional%20vet%2048


Ding ding we have a winner. Marvin the Martin from My Favorite Martin.


ok my brothers, whats this one from days gone by? and before anyone asks or says, its not made in England, and its NOT a Sten



It ‘looks’ as though it should be a tool ‘summoned’ by a marine biologist who loves her dolphins… Lol Maybe a child would have feared a dentist so much LESS back in the day??? Ever know anybody like that??? :thinking: :crazy_face:



Mike, if one does not use her (in grammar I believe one uses the female gender, would I be correct @Johnksg???) brain in a AMATEUR WAY the ‘willingness’ to learn would be blocked and one would be too arrogant to learn a new ‘trick’ every now and then.



@GOBLIN thats a Gnome et Rhone R5, french made sten clone and unique for the wood stocks. :grin:

Lets get back to more mainstream guns. I feel like we are losing the crowd my friend.


This guy is really good.


@Jperr years in dusty museum collections, gun shops, and reading just about every obscure technical article I can find.

My wife says I am a fountain of useless firearm information! Lol

In truth we usually have much more to work with than a photo. Ordinance marks, makers marks, serial numbers etc.

Today the Internet has all but replaced guys like me. Museums, dealers, and collectors just look stuff up online. :cry:


Here is one I will definitely go back for: The Ballard Pacific model in .45-100 made by Marlin. Probably one of the most accurate rifles of its time. I held one once, with gloves, it was not for sale. :angry:



fountain of useless firearm information

Information, yes. Certainly not useless.


more modern , got it. how bout this one?


Ok, I certainly can’t even begin to keep up with you guys IDing anything but maybe I can throw in a stump-er or two. Or at least make you think about it longer than it took me to type and paste this.


So is “right click - search Google images”. :rofl:


@GOBLIN that is the Croat VHS-2 it was one of the rifles being considered to replace the Famas. (Read it in Janes)

@Wedge you are right about google…why no one uses guys like me anymore. Lol


@jeffing65 From what I can see in the picture I would guess its a Winchester High-Wall, however the overly ornate metal work also reminds me of the German Shutzen (sp?) rifles as well.


Hey when did this thread become stump John?! Lets get back to telling stories of guns we wished we had and posting pictures. :grin:


@Johnksg Your right, this was a time machine thread. And that is my bad. It’s not a stump John thing. Poor choice of words on my part. I’m equal opportunity. I would be happy to stump anyone. Sorry.
Following the answer we will return to our normally scheduled thread.

Remington-Hepburn Walker Underlever single shot 32-40


I would have never got that one in a million years! Good one Jeff! (Honestly I was never much of a Remington guy, or any other American manufacturer for that matter - market was always saturated with experts.)

Jeff I did not mean to sound like a scold and didn’t mean it that way. I was worried that I was showing off. If you guys want to keep doing this then fine, I will answer as many as I can.

But today is archery practice and a SDMG shoot and tomorrow is sporting clays so may be a bit busy. :blush:


@Johnksg hahaha…I didn’t take it that way at all. Scolding or showing off. I’m am very aware that you, @GOBLIN and a couple others are the ones that would require a bit more of a challenge however. LOL

And you are correct, that’s not what the thread is about. We should continue as it was started.
I had the two I mentioned, as very fitting reply’s to the question posed.

If we want a whatzit game thread just for fun, in the future, it should have a thread dedicated to that only and not interfere with what we have had or wanted in reality.
It’s always much more interesting to here what we have really had or desired to have.

I wish I still had my 1861 Colt so I could show it off. LOL It was a gem among gems.