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I Fixed My Time Machine!


@Johnksg I remember buying a 303, SMLE #1 MK3at woolsworth’s for 50$ Swapped that one for my #5 MK1 303 jungle Carbine.
here ya go John, figure this one out. cyclic rate of 650 rounds per min, 200m firing range, 3,4 KG weight fully loaded, 32 round magazine, 9X19 parabellum cal. it is based off a german SMG, but is not one.johns%20boggle%20


@GOBLIN just one question :grin:

Is that a bipod on the front?


yes it is, but the bipod was only on the prototypes, they deleted it when they went to production, to save even more weight…


Hmm…because I was thinking of a certain polish factory the germans took over that made a 9mm sub with integrated bipod. They only issued that one to the plant guards though…


which sub was it, and i will let you know if its the model it was designed off of…


@GOBLIN sorry for delay, wife has me building flower boxes.

It reminds me of the Polish Mors wz 31 as well as the German Haenel (MP41) but the stock isn’t quite right.


@GOBLIN it is definitely a relative of the German MP40 family. If I had to guess I would go with either the Polish Mors or the Spanish Star…but I have a sneaking suspicion it is neither. (Stock does not look right - hope its not liked that chopped Gustav you pulled on me last night! Lol)

What’s the answer?


the MP41 is a decendent of the weapon that the above SMG is designed off off…


French STA 1924 SMG/. was designed off the forerunner of the MP41, the MP18…


You guys knowledge and gun history has completely surpassed mine at this point. This game isn’t fun anymore. Lol



Don’t worry Joe… We all cannot be heroes today! Just remember that spirit has a ‘role’ for you, as well. I hate to put the wrench on (anyone’s) parade. Guess US ‘little folks’ have to grab a piece of the limelight whenever one can? :thinking::crazy_face: I know that one ‘trying’ to be humble can get caught with her pants down to her ankles at times? I ‘still’ prefer FUNNY over HEROISM… :grinning:


I’m enjoying the back and forth between those with more knowledge. I’m learning things. If I quit learning, life isn’t so fun anymore.


afa38f73a6a83dc4b1b686a9d1ade7ac Where did this gun come from?


@Texprep I’m with you 100%. I enjoyed the game while I was playing. I just can’t anymore. But I can still read and enjoy and gain more knowledge myself. Never a bad thing. But those guys seriously supersede me at this point.


I hear you. Thought I knew a lot about firearms but after reading y’all, I realize I don’t know s***.
Same as when I joined the shooting club. Always thought I was a good shooter until I started shooting with nationally ranked shooters. Guess even at almost 60 I’m still a amateur.


@Texprep I would hazard a guess as the Jetsons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope, not the Jetsons.


uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lost in space


Nope, getting warm though.


Here’s another one from the same show