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I Fixed My Time Machine!



I know exactly what you mean. I was the same way. It seemed like they should just always be there for some reason.


@jeffing65 as you know I grew up in gunshops, but back in the early 90s I was running a thriving little FFL business out of the barracks. I was buying SKS and police turn-ins by the bushel. Basically anything my fellow jarheads could find in Shotgun news I could buy for them.

Should have kept some for myself. :cry:


A well kept quality weapon will always be a good investment in my opinion. The M1 Garand I bought for $1500.00 was originally sold by the CMP for $126.00 in the early 1960’s. The man I bought it from had never fired it. It was still in the box with the letter from the CMP as well as the receipt. The rifle now appraises for just over $2000.00. The seller is a member at the gun club where I’m also a member. Every year at our annual meeting we have a swap meet and every year he brings out another Garand, still in the box with all the paperwork. I’ve never asked, but I suspect he has a bunch of them and now he’s supplementing his retirement trickling them out and selling them. Now I just wish he’d bring a M1 Carbine. I’d be on it like a cat on a June bug.


@Texprep your right of course. I was just looking up prices for SKS paratroopers, a handy little rifle that will shoot circles around the Ruger mini14, only ones I can find are a few Norincos for around the $550 price point and ALL sold.

Gosh I was selling those by the crate for $80 and those were the Russian and Bulgarian ones!

Imagine if I had the foresight to keep a couple of cases of them and give out to kids in bdays and such! :grin:


When I bought my SKS my thought was it’s junk but it’s cheap so I’ll buy it. If I had only known they’d be $400.00 and up today I’d have bought a boatload of them. Hindsight is always 20/20.


That’s why I mentioned them in the first response. They’re handy, effective and sturdy rifles. I got mine in 1993 as a senior in college. I didn’t know much about the 1994 AWB, but I knew it was coming and I figured those were the exact type of “scary” guns that would be going away. I got it for like $89 in über liberal Maryland of all places.


Think I bought mine in late 91 or early 92 at a gunshow in Texas. Clinton had just been elected and talk of the AWB was the panic of the day. Guy at the show literally had pallets of them as well as pallets of ammo. Others had composite stocks, large capacity mags, scopes and cheesy mounts. I bought it all. Ended up junking the scope and mount a few months later, but still have the SKS mounted in the composite stock.


@Texprep @Wedge well for the price you guys paid I hope you will hold on to them if for no other reason than the story! :grin:

The SKS are a great little “ranch rifle” I can think of none better in that class.

Problem is for the $500-$800 price range they are going for now there are other, modern weapons available that are better, with available parts and broad range of ammunition choices.

Great deal then…no so great now.

Dang I miss the 80s! :cry:


I still have mine and I’ll never sell it. It spent many years all bubba’d up after I dragged it through a Tapco catalog, but it’s since been restored back to her original wooden furniture configuration and 10 round fixed box magazine. And, it will stay that way even though I had one of the few that ran reliably with the duckbill removeable mag conversion kit.

And, yeah… For $500-800, I’d much rather build another AR. Although, I do have a hole in the collection for a Saiga 12ga auto shotgun. :+1:


I like that…gonna steal that phrase! Yeah, Tapco with a very few exceptions, is about the worst thing that ever happened to those grand old shooters!

The exception: MAK90 with that gawd awful post-ban thumb hole stock. By all means pull that amazing bit of ugly off and put anything you want on! :grinning:


With talk of another AWB, the price could go even higher. I do agree with @Johnksg though at the current pricing environment, it’d be a gamble to buy a bunch now to sell later.


I’d be careful with that. Those POS’s learned the first time around that the 1994 AWB didn’t really do anything except make things “worse” (for them) like creating the huge AR craze when it sunset in 2004. Next time, they’ll very likely make “scary gun” transfers illegal with no grandfathering of any kind. No sunset clause, either. That’s the way it is in some states right now. They’ll just want to make it federal. :roll_eyes:


@Wedge even though I don’t like 'em I would start buying up as many of them $600 ARs as I could afford…

I think those are the next SKS.

(Although in my opinion the SKS was the superior weapon)…Now let the howls of outrage begin! :grin::+1:


What would you do with them if the next AWB made them non-transferrable so you couldn’t legally sell them, which is very likely?


Slightly different weapons. If I was close to my enemy give me that 30 cal sks. If I’m 500 yards away it’s easier to poke a bunch of holes in you with an AR. Like comparing a 30/30 to a 22/250.


And you hit the nail on the head. There is no-grandfather clause this time, no pre-ban legal. In my state they are saying destroy them, turn them into the police, or leave the state!

I spent about an hour on the phone yesterday with state senator and rep. All I can say is this Bloomberg sponsored wave of gun control is going to be like nothing we have seen before. :astonished:


Under 300 yards the SKS would rule and since the majority of all conflict is at that range…

For that matter the M4 carbine is basically a 300 yard weapon as well.

Old joke:

Question - why should you never shoot a big man with an M16?

Answer - you might piss him off!



I’ll have to concede to you on this. I guess the only advantage to the AR is its lighter and flatter shooting, But look at all the cool stuff you can add.


@Texprep and that is the beauty of the AR. Back in the day the only choices were A1 or A2 forend. Now it is amazing the plug and play component options available!

And now that your seeing different calibers such as 300 Black Out and maybe a 6.8 milspec? Well if you are an AR man the world is your oyster!