M*CARBO Brotherhood

I Fixed My Time Machine!


I finally got that funky flux-capacitor working! I am going back in time to buy the guns I wish I had bought, kept, or had more of.

Place your orders! What would you go back in time for and why? :grin::+1:


Pick me up a couple crates of SKSs. I got mine for $90 and I should have stacked them deep when they were cheap. Oh, and a couple metric F-tons of milsurp 7.62x39. :+1:


Don’t want to load you down too bad but I’ll take one SKS plus 5 tins of 762. Oh and a blue 6” Colt Python. That would bring joy and happiness. Thank you😊


@Johnksg Colt Python and Diamondback , especially in .22 rimfire. Please!:thinking:


Get the guns I liked, held in my hand at gun shows or my local gun shop, but (why?) did not buy:

Marlin 1894 stainless steel in .357 mag
Ruger Blackhawk 8 shot in .327 mag
CZ 83 in .380
Walther PPK/s in .380
CZ 550 bolt action rifle in .375 H&H

  1. M1918 BAR
  2. Steyr Aug with lollypop scope
  3. FN Five seveN with P-90 counterpart
    4 Sterling
    5 1887 winchester lever action shotgun
    6 Brace of colt Dragoon’s
    7 Lamat
    8 Sharps 1874 in 45/110 with the pewter tip hartford collar
    thats for a start…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Well I can’t argue with several crates of SKS! You know what kills me is I was buying 10 at a time with the plan of only selling 9. Never worked out they simply sold so fast and it seemed like they would always be around.

I don’t have a single one!

I also want about a dozen MAK90s
Pre lawyer safety Winchester 94s, and a couple of Winchester defender shotguns.


Gawd when I think of all of those Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, and German guns I sold for barely more than $100.

It makes me just want to cry!


Went to the Auto Museum with the boy last weekend. Attached is an antique mall. I would have kept the old GI Joe’s as they we selling for $40-$200. Maybe my old '92 Mustang GT. It would be bringing a good penny now also.


Colt- Govt 45
Or anything extra.


@GOBLIN you know Buck I think you and I may be related! Oh my a Lemat!? I have never even seen one outside of television.



I hear you on the SKS’s. I paid $60.00 for a Norinco in the box at a gun show before the Clinton assault weapons ban. Another $69.00 for 1000 rounds of ammo to go with it. Another thing high on my list would be a boat load of M1 Garands with a few carbines mixed in. I’d sell most of the SKS’s, but keep the garands and carbines.


Young people never believe me when I tell them that! Darn those SKS were just good shooters, the perfect ranch rifle.

But then came the WASRs and century arms parts guns assembled by drunken monkeys, and now we don’t even have that.

The Bulgarian s were especially nice!


The SKS is just fun and inexpensive to shoot. It does the job inside of 200-300 yards. If someone would make one that folds like the S2K I’d be on it like flies on s**t. Would be a perfect backpack weapon.


@JohnB you ordered the Marlin?


looked at the Pietta Lamat copies, just dont feel the same as a original. 9 shot, in 42 (44 repro) or 36 cal round ball. 1 20 ga shotgun barrel in the middle, capable of firing buckshot. you bump into em on ocassion around here, confederate use firearm, but damn it, a original in good to fair condition cost as much as the ohio ordnance SA BAR…


@Texprep remember the little paratrooper versions? They were sweet!


@Johnksg a bunch of us were chipin in, and buying em by the case, SKS’s flowed like pennies for a while, costin us 35$ each. Red Stars. that was the days of the good, bad, and just plain ugly magazine conversion kits.
one of my more challenged buddies, we will call him"Who", , just put a kit in his, jacked it thru to check cycle , made 2 mistakes, 1. didnt count his ejects,2. didnt clear his barrel. he dropped the mag, and pulled the bang switch with the SKS pointed at the plywood floor. BANG. bullet, being like most bullets, found the one nail it could ricochet off of, went on a upward trajectory, caught the bottom rail (steel) of a hideaway bed, shift angle again, caught another rail, shifted one more time, went thru the cushion, and lodged just under the skin, in his ol’ladys ample butt, who was lounging on that said couch.
a couple of us rolled into the ER, just intime to witness the exchange between the Horseshoe creek sheriff and “Who”.
he kept askin “who” were you trying to kill your girlfriend, why did you shoot your girlfriend, on and on and on,. “who finally had enough and said” if i wanted to kill her, i woulda shot her in the head, now, I gotta listen to her P and moan for the next 40 year’s!"


how about a green card so i can join you guys in loads of shoots :smiley:



Those look nice - yeah, either or both!