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Hunting with a camera

Post your pics for all to enjoy


Some deer cam pics near the second job I work, coyote looks like it’s crossbred with something. Bobcats living off the turkeys


@Rob2 Just Outstanding Job on this! :sunglasses:





These are so great ! I applaud you for going after wildlife in this manner,it’s not necessary to destroy an animal’s life for your ego!
The pictures are really nice !


Unfortunately the trail cams are their for precise reason. To ensure lazy ‘hunters’ have something to kill instead of actually hunting. I’m not against hunting, I’m against modern lazy hunting that only, as you say, inflates someones ego and makes gives them drunken bragging rights. Seen it way too many times. Tree stand hunting, blind hunting, group hunting…that’s not hunting. That’s strictly killing something for nothing more than some fun in killing something. No bragging rights in my opinion. Except bragging about how much money was spent on all that equipment. Hunting today is a joke and I stopped participating when it got too dangerous to step foot afield with all the idiots out there.


Welcome to the community and for your views. Almost all my pictures are taken by me and not with a trail cam. Hunting is what it is and I support everyones right to do so as they wish as long as its done legally. I am sorry if you disagree but I take exception to your claims of people doing it for “drunken bragging rights”. I know several people myself inculded who use trail cams for funs sake as much for hunting. Just wanted to share and welcome to your opinion


So, how is that any different from fishing? You go out into an animal’s natural environment and harvest it. That’s hunting at its very core. Some people hunt for food, too. I don’t but, if I did, I’d do it in the easiest and most expeditious legal way, as well.


Yea, I eat meat, and whatnot but I’m no hunter. I love animals and enjoy seeing them alive. I don’t care if people choose to hunt and I’ll certainly partake in eating it but I just don’t like to see behind the curtain. I absolutely despise big game trophy hunting and kill shots. That being said, less arguing, more cool animals pics, please and thanks!


Thanks for the welcome, bad way to start my days here I suspect!

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to insinuate that you personally did those things. In my area they are all too common, it’s poaching heaven here. Drunks out in fields herding deer to others sitting in the bed of a pickup on the road waiting to ambush them. Pheasant hunters know it’s illegal to shot from a vehicle, but they do it anyway. They also know better than to shot into a field occupied by livestock or horses, but they do it anyway. I have horses. I have too many personal experiences with the things I talk about. But, it only takes a couple bad apples…blah, blah. With so many around me it’s harder to keep my perspective on the bigger picture I guess.
My experience here is that the cops won’t do anything and the game people (local park rangers) are generally friends of the perpetrators. The DNR is hamstrung because there simply aren’t enough of them to police the thousands of miles of roads around this state, much less the off the beaten path areas. So ‘hunting’ is, like most places I suspect, done on an honor system. But like with everything else, honor is losing grasp quickly in our society. Even here in corn country.

Agreed. Read my reply to Rob.

In my life experience I’m a believer in - just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. A large percentage of people looking forward to the season have NO interest in the meat, just in the killing. Bragging rights with their friends. Big bright smiles in a picture with a dead animal belies the notion that it was taken for it’s meat content. Yes, I am seriously against trophy hunting as you might imagine. Somebody killing an animal from a half mile away just for some antlers or a body mount? That’s not God’s plan. But enough religion.

I’m not trying to insult any one person, but some introspective wandering might be in order for some. My opinion is a minority one. I’m good with that. I love venison, best meat ever when soaked in a little lard and held over an open hickory fire till done. Meat gotten the hard way is SOO much more gratifying however. Knowing it was a test of skill, not an investment of money. YMMV of course.

I’m old school. My grandpa taught me to hunt. One shot, one kill type of hunting. To him it was about the skill, not the kill. I guess I still respect that.

Regardless, around here I won’t go out anymore, too many idiots just out because it’s time to accumulate more ill gotten bragging rights. As often as not, alcohol is present.Don’t get this wrong, I’m all for drinking, and I’m not against getting meat on the table, what I am against is laziness, and lack of skill. Too much of that. Besides, I wasn’t very good at hunting myself, it just never interested me much. I had other things to do that involved engines and going fast.

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Rob, That is an AWESOME picture!


@Driver Welcome to the Brotherhood and Enjoy’


@Rob2 I would pay good Money for a Copy of this’ My Favorite Bird’ #2 Ruff Grouse! :smile: Just Outstanding Something you would see on the Walls of a REI or Bass Pro’


How about we get back on topic. The topic is Hunting with a camera NOT whether or not we think harvesting animals by different means is or is not ethical. Let’s just post those pics and leave the ethics
out of the conversation. BTW, those are some awesome pics.
Heres a couple pictures I took while on my way through western Canada and Alaska on a hunting trip years ago. These are pics of pics i took then and are now hanging on my wall.


…not sure about that last one…is that the elusive Homer Sapien sporting its fall camo fur? :grinning:


The illusive bigfoot, and he’s armed with a .338 mag.


…and a quad bike, as it were… :laughing: