Hunting Season 2018-19


@JohnB right on brother its all politics so were not suppose to talk about it :roll_eyes::thinking::rofl:


What kind of deer are those? Don’t look like the typical whitetail or mule deer found in Texas?


@Texprep there fallow deer


Thats what i thought. I occasionally get to hunt a ranch in Rocksprings Texas that has lots of exotics. There are fallow deer on that ranch but i never have had the opportunity to shoot one. Mostly shoot whitetails, axis, and sitka deer there.


I got a call from the wife while at work today. Special needs bus hit a deer in front of the house. Wife had the cops drag it into the backyard and finish her off. Got home from work and started field dressing. She was busted up pretty bad. 1 leg broke with bone sticking out and 2 others broke as well. Had significant internal damage as well. Was able to save the backstraps and neck roast. Rest was in rough shape. Damn shame too, cause she was pregnant with 2 babies, but at least some meat wont go to waste.


@Texprep we only have sitka reds and fallow in ireland


@d.kaufman2154 well what you dont use if you have dog it will appreciate the rest ,hope your wife is ok about it now, no one likes to see roadkill even though i shoot them myself

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@d.kaufman2154 Here where I live, deer getting hit is real common, and happens near my house fairly often… Since 2012, when salvage became legal in Idaho, I have salvaged close to 20 deer and 4 elk. Like you said, some get pretty broken up, but I have had quite a few that were completely undamaged. It’s nice to save what can be. It has kept my 2 freezers full, and helped friends and their families that don’t have much extra, make it through each year a little easier.


ever been up to the highlands in Scotland, and hunt the Highland Stag thru the Glens and Craig’s? i know in the early 80s you had to move heaven and earth, to get the necessary paperwork to harvest one, and written permission from the Queen. took right at a year, to get a 4 day hunt. Limit 1. Bow only. still got the skull, cause they wouldnt
let me export the mount…
this the same “RED” you mentioned?


Ah, red deer, one of my favorites.


@Texprep very nice tex thats a fine head on that one i havent got the chance to shoot any reds yet all fallow


well my hunting seasons finaly over i had no luck the weekend my tally for season was 12/ 3 bucks 2 doe’s 7 prickets not too bad ,now the hard work starts it going to be getting the firewood for next winter cut ,chopped and stored and they say a womans work is never done :roll_eyes::smile:


took me a second to remember. hung me up on the “pricket’s” same thing we call a “spike” or “cowhorn”:+1:


Admirality Island Jim’s Lake fly in hunt on the Beaver! Forest Service Cabin $25 a night, My Son and Myself. Great Trip.No(Overgrown Hairy Muskeg Rats/ Bears) That bothered us this Trip with all the Back Strap on Porch !


@DivaMarie nice hunting you wont go hungry anytime soon