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Hunting Season 2018-19


@FrankG my older boy got his on the first day of bow season and again on the first day of open season…now I have to sit around and hear him gripe how he never got any quality hunting time! :grin:


I took her this afternoon. About 100 lbs. before dressing.


Goose hunting hasn’t been terrible.


i be out tomorrow morning hoping to shoot a couple of deer just hope if i do i will have the energy to drag them out of the woods , i be off line again for weekend i only go on line while in work from monday to thursdays no broadband where im living but i like it that way , anyone else going out over weekend good luck ,


It’s the night before the last 3 days of gun deer hunting in MD. I’m like a kid the night before Christmas. I’ve checked my bag 3 times. Checked my alarm twice. Now I can’t sleep. Hmmmmmm what else can I check?


No luck today. Saw a doe but didn’t have a shot. Back at it in the rain tomorrow. 2 days left in gun season.


Well today was the end of late gun season. I only got 1 deer this season. Bright side is I have a friend who is allowed to hunt a farm with a crop damage permit. Hopefully we can get a cpl from there


no luck the weekend saw about 20 deer they saw me first had one in sights only there was a house in backround so could’nt take the shot and as typical i leaving for work this morning there was 4 of them 50 feet from my front door, we still have 2 months of season left here so maybe better luck next weekend


@hunter1916 I got a doe on the last day of open season ( oct 31 ) with a shotgun.


@jeffing65 illeagal to hunt deer here with a shotgun


@hunter1916 Where I was hunting on the Snake River is short range weapon only.


its done the job for you and if it works it keeps you fed and happy