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Hunting Season 2018-19


we dont have the tag system here but in the let we have a cull limit but shoot more on private land and our deer stalking licence is free, phesant season starts today but i dont bother not enough meat on them to justify shooting them in my opinion


Ive got some nice does and 1 big 8 point buck ive been watchin on camera since season started here in north carolina tomorrow nov 5th is gonna be my first day actually getting to get in woods myself so hopefully get something in freezer


got my first kill with the 270 on friday no camera with me but as i had to drag it about half a mile i cut his head and lower legs off to make an easier drag , left the head hanging in a tree so will take a photo another time


females came into season last thursday i went out sunday and did i pick the wrong place i lay in acorner of a field great cover for 3 hours did’nt see 1 and in that 3 hours i heard 11 shots going off in woods not too far away :face_vomiting: be back out friday’ picked up a big freezer last night so its going to need filling


not the deer that you are shooting but still a Deere down. Some people shouldn’t drive lol. Thank God for insurance


Finally got out goose hunting. Thanksgiving morning!


Nice haul!!! Some good eatin right there!


Went to our property in West Virginia and Monday opening day of rifle got these two by noon.


Tomorrow is the first day of gun season in MD. My gear is staged and I’m ready to go!!!


@FrankG any luck. Spent part of the morning drive from Baltimore to Delaware to spend time with parents. Saw one Bambi but going up 404 there couldn’t have been an acre of woods that didn’t have a hunter in.


No luck for anyone I knew. I sat in my stand from 5:45-1:00pm.


@FrankG I don’t hunt but I do feed them. Haven’t seen a deer this week on my trail camera. They must have packed up and went to MD. or PA. due to our season being in.:wink: They are out there somewhere . Good luck.


i know how you feel bro i was out on friday only got very wet and i had a slip and fall gun hit ground no i have to go and check out its zero and i hate having to do that during season i just have to use the 270 for moment no suppresser on it insread of the 243


@hunter1916 I sat in my stand from 0545 to 1300. All I got was a numb behind. I saw 1 deer all day and he refused to give me a shot at him.


i know that feeling been there actually fell asleep in one of my highseats once or twice i be out again friday and sunday weather permitting very wet and windy here at moment but weekend looks promising


I’ll be out Saturday morning. Rain coming in in the afternoon so I will sit as long as I can take it. Sunday is iffy.


even though its not open, the best deer hunting would still be in my front yard any given day… These were here from about 1 pm till at least 6pm when I took these pics to post.


@jeffing65 nice pictures great to see in ones own yard ,making me hungry though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Early archery season was a bust for me. didn’t see many deer at all, even taking a 2 week camping/hunt trip. I did pass several small bucks in the hope of seeing something bigger.
Our firearm season was a little more successful with the Henry .44 Mag. :


I’ve been out twice and have only seen 1 deer before I could take a shot. Going out this afternoon. Wish me luck.