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Hunting Season 2018-19


i watch that outback truckers at times and there is a lot of dead ones lying by sides of roads


when not hunting man at work :sleeping::grin:HUNTER%20-%20WIN_20181023_074110


got these boys on friday morning


couldn’t get a very good pic but I scored a cow elk, hit and killed by a truck. Not a bad way to start a Wednesday morning.


@DivaMarie And I didn’t have to fight off bears in the process.


Fine ! ya got me, But you still have the Snakes !!:rofl:


i hate drive byes :joy: saved you a little ammo jeff , i would usualy use road kill for dog food don’t like the meat when bruised


I dont take them unless it is at the time they are killed or dispatched and not if they are severely damaged.
You would be surprised at how many are virtually undamaged. Hit only in the head or many times, in the case of elk, broken legs due to their height compared to the height of an average auto front end requiring them to be euthanized.


its all fallow around me and the one i hit with my car around 3 years ago not only done a lot of damage to car his insides were in bits


i be going out tomorrow morning theres a buck calling my name :smiley:he,s being avoiding me for a couple of years now so hopefully tomorrow will be his last day if i get him he will be turned into jerky


that is the case sometimes. not all of them can be salvaged. i have seen deer that were completely destroyed internally. they cant all be winners. the elk fair better most of the time, considering they are an 800 pound animal give or take, compared to deer at 200 or less…
Last year i got a 6 point bull elk that was hit and killed. It didn’t have so much as a single scuff on it of any kind, inside or out. I never determined what actually killed it.


he was just ment for you


must have been. he was a beautiful animal.
I was very fortunate, and grateful, to have gotten him.


hahaha… you got “me” there. we surely do. Something we also have, that I think you don’t, is plenty of spiders.


No, Not a bunch’ Just Everyone’s Favorite! The ‘‘Brown Recluse’’ :scream:


hi jeff went out friday morning looking for the buck that has been eluding me for the last few seasons and he still is he went into hiding when he seen me coming but it wasent all bad i bagged another pricket i be skinning and butchering him tonight i will pu picture up later


went looking for the big fella on friday no luck but wasent all bad this little fella is now hanging up and will be skinned and butchered tonight [number 7 this season]:grin: 75 yards off the shoulder


sorry, been busy last few days. Got home a couple hours ago. Today was the last day of deer season so I settled for a doe. I got her with a shotgun, hunting on the Snake River.


a kills a kill jeff it puts food on table ,when does your deer season start and finish our season starts on 1st of september till 31st of december for males and 1st november till 28 of february for females and antlerless deer [usually means calfs] there pregnant at that stage rut is on here at moment so we try avoid shooting females in our let trying to keep the numbers up, not allowed use a shotgun to shoot deer here now


It varies on season dates. Depends on if its controlled draw or open hunt and area. For deer most are in October and there are some late buck draw hunts the first 2 weeks of November.
There are elk seasons that just opened.
I was hunting an open hunt that was from Oct 10 - Oct 31 and the area i was hunting on the Snake River in the canyon is short range weapon only. Shotgun, bow, muzzle loader, pistol.
Always nice to fill the 20.00 tag.