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Hunting Season 2018-19


very nice ;;i take it ya wouldnt send the head to ireland :drooling_face:


@hunter1916 I’m sure he’s mounting and hanging that one…but I’ll ask him. :grinning:


i was messing about ,i think it would be a bit much to ask him to send it to ireland at the same time it would look well over my fireplace


@dave67 very nice:+1:


yes, it is from a trail cam. i captured this pic off of the video.


got the buck last night and the pricket last thursday although my phone is broke it still takes photos and was able to down load them


thought this was a pricket when i shot him but on closer inspection he had antlers before so he’sa stag shot him last night through the neck from the sholder at around 90 yards, then unfortunetaly i had to drag him about quarter mile but hes hanging up now in my shed i dont have a chiller but its just about cold enough to leave him hanging for a few days


I put a fat doe in the freezer Saturday.


nice big and healthy looking well done


i put 149 venison burgers in my freezer last night ,tonight i will be putting the buck that i got the weekend in , so my freezer is kinda full i need a bigger one come friday i be out looking for more it will all be eaten :hamburger::deer:


That’s awesome news. I love success stories


i be out again tomorrow morning going for no.5 if that fails i be out tomorrow evening ,have to work saturday 13and half hour shift and put nearly 3 hours traveling on top of that hopefully i can relax on sunday :deer::deer::deer::deer::deer:


I used a Marlin 336 in 35cal for deer hunting for over 30 yrs. Still have it but retired it to the cabinet after I got my Browning BAR Safari in 300 short mag. Brings back a lot of memories. It was the first rifle I ever used for hunting at age 16 and was given to me by my father… I never had any kids of my own, but have 16 nieces and nephews and most of them now have 2-3 kids, it will get passed down to one of them that can appreciate the traditions and history that it represents.


My 12 yo son was away on the weekend at a mates farm the two boys and a parent went out shooting. My son got home he had 10 shots .222 bagged 2 foxes 7 rabbits and then laughed about the lucky bastard that he missed then he let me know that he was o.k. missing one and he will get that lucky bastard up on bunny hill.


nice shooting for him what distance was he shooting, im doing not too bad my self this season iv shot 6 deer since 13th of september my freezer is jam packed i need to get another one freezer that is


He reckons about 80 to 90 metres so around that distance.

We have a cull permit for kangaroo and emu bit of a drought here all the wildlife are coming in for water makes for good shooting.

My boy got me on the uhf as there was a brownsnake in our house the Aussie laws are shit he couldn’t shoot the thing

The problem he had is he couldn’t get to the safe to get the .410 as the snake was in the way and he had to get past the snake open the safe, then open ammo locker, load the gun and shoot the f’n snake

as kids we all had a .410 at the back door for snakes if you get caught for that now you are screwed insecure firearms = big shit.


i think we will all have to move to reno in america :smile:


Lol if they will have me the mrs and the kids 1st firearm purchase sub 2000. 2nd purchase AR15 in 300 BLK 3 purchase magnum research desert eagle hell yeah🇦🇺


i thought you were over run with roos over there why the cull permit?


Cos they are protected and you can get a 10 000 buck fine and 12 months imprisonment without one