M*CARBO Brotherhood

Hunting Season 2018-19


Awesome trophy! You done good! :+1:


Thanks. It is a beauty. We were hunting with shotguns using slugs.
We chased it around for several days and i had one chance to shoot at it, but my buddy is the one who jumped it originally, so it was kinda’ his first. If it would have been the last day of the season then it would have been fair game though. LOL I ended up with a little 3 point that year. (3 on a side. White tail counts all the points dont they?)


I’ve hunted both coasts and the left coast counts only one side and the right coast counts points on both sides. Confusing, eh?


Just pulled my sd card from my trail cam. Some good pics from a week ago. My batteries died so nothing from this week. Heres a few pics


That’s prime real estate right there!!!


@d.kaufman2154 What are your regions restrictions for hunting over :corn: or is it Private Land? Got some nice ones there. How long have you been baiting them in?


It is private land. Can bait all the way up to 2 weeks prior to season. So thats it for the corn. Good thing is the property is surrounded by corn fields and i also have some “natural” food plots out there for them as wellIMG_17831_03


I’m in a private lease I hate hunting WMA. Probably going to go out there next weekend with the sub and have a snake day before we go stomping around


I gave up on public land a few years ago. We get out of staters come in and just walk around and scare the deer off. Pisses me off, especially when youre hunkered down for several hours in the freezing cold and then you see these idiots scare off the deer that were coming towards you by walking down a path at 8am


Ya that and once I was sitting in my stand early morning and I see something moving across the cotton field I’m getting excited grab my eyes to have a look only to see some asshole walking to his stand which he placed across the same cotton field I am sitting over😤


Where’s the peas & taters? I’m imagining a full freezer at your house this deer season.


Takes a special kind of stupid, doesnt it! Opening day for me next Saturday but temps are supposed to upper 80’s. If i get 1 gonna have to get her field stripped and on ice real quick.


I sure am hoping
I hunt deer reduction zone in Northern Indiana. I can take 10 does or 9 does and 1 buck in the reduction zone. Plus i can still get quota with each license for archery, rifle/shotgun, and muzzleloader season.
Ill never get what my possibilities are, but i usually manage 2 per year which fills the freezer pretty nicely for the year


Had this 336 for a couple years, finally happy with how its set up and hoping to finally take a deer with it this year.


@Chris19d Yours is prettier than mine. My go to rifle depending on which stand I hunt



Thanks. It certainly is a pretty rifle, the wood furniture may not be super practical but it sure does look good. Also, pretty happy with how the Burris XTR 1-4x that i took off one of my ARs looks on it.

I also have a savage 11 in .243 but this is the rifle im excited about hunting with this year, atleast till the AR10 build is done.


my first kill this year my season started on 1st of september


This is one of two 4 points that hung around my house all last winter. I have video of him and a bigger one, along with others, but I cant get the videos to upload to YouTube.


nice;; the photos are good taken with a trail camera i guess


@jeffing65 A friend of mine just got this one with a bow.