M*CARBO Brotherhood

Hunting Season 2018-19


As MD deer season rapidly approaches, how many brothers here are hunters?


I live for hunting season! Dove season just opened here in VA. The early archery deer season begins the first of October and is my favorite time of year😊. I absolutely love getting out in the deep woods with my compound bow during the early archery season when I have the woods mostly to myself.


Archery season opens in MD Sept 7th (I believe). I know exactly what you mean. It’s time to get out in a tree!


I have property that i can hunt that is in whats called the deer reduction zone. I can only use archery equipment, i use a crossbow, as its within city limits. What i love is my season is from Sept. 15th all the way thru Jan 31st. I can take up to 10 deer. I usually quit if i can get 2 as that stocks the freezer and ensures the population stays stable for the next year. Cant wait! 13 days to go!


That’s a good deal. I hope to find some good unpressured land to hunt this year.


Yeah. I love it. Its only 20acres but population is really good. Put my cam up last weekend. Will go pull pics tomorrow. I know there is 3 bucks(4pt, 6pt, and 8pt) as well as 5 does and a few fawns that were born last year that frequent the property. The owner of the land said he seen at least 4 new fawns this year as well. I hunt for the meat and dont care about the racks. Let the bucks keep on breeding me fresh meat, lol


Absolutely!!! I don’t have a single recipe for antlers. Let me fill my freezer and I’m good.


@VAbowhunter what part of VA you in?


Well it’s too long for me since my injury my only shooting is range only would love to get back to hunting mainly deer hunting but one day I ll get back to it just trying to get stronger but walking is going to be what holds me back and climbing but one day I will return to bring me home some deer meat love me some venison


mule deer season is coming up in October. I will hunt a combination of any weapon hunts out in the desert, and short range weapon hunt using a boat and shotgun with slugs on the Snake rRver.


Some of my very best mid day naps are while in my tree stand…


I’m in southern Chesapeake. Are you a fellow Virginian?


@VAbowhunter yes sir. I shoot at a private outdoor range in Gloucester about every wkend.


Can’t wait for October to roll around for deer archery season in Ohio: technically it starts on Sept. 29, but work and all that jazz, means October for me. I love hunting with my bows, and after many years of hunting with a wooden longbow, I like to get up close and personal. Some guys like to see how far they can shoot…I like to see how close I can get and get a way with, even though I now hunt with compound bow due to shoulder ills… But, I also enjoy bringing out the muzzle-loader and Henry .44 rifle during our firearm seasons.
Good Luck to all the hunters out there!


:+1: Not only a fellow Virginian but Hampton Roads area as well. I normally do my range time at C2 Shooting Center near Pungo. Its only a short drive from my house via back rural roads. I bought my S2K last fall when Dance Sporting Goods in Petersburg had them on sale.


@VAbowhunter I eat breakfast at Dances about once every few months. Their guns aren’t cheap but the breakfast is! Lol


Yeah, they don’t have the best gun or ammo prices but occasionally they run some good sales. I had been holding out for a S2K G17 in OD green for a long time and they had one on sale for $399. Then I got 10% off that for signing up for their email advertising. The food counter is a great place to grab a burger while waiting for a gun sale background check to complete.


I almost wrecked the other day, the was nine gobblers in the field next to the on ramp and every one had a beard over 8 inches.
Im going to try to take a deer with my super blackhawk and sub this year. Im impressed by the performance of .40 federal hst’s through my sub and planning to shoot some ballistic gel at 100yds to see what it does.
Last year’s buck


i cant wait to hear the outcome with the ballistic gel.
and nice buck.


I couldnt get a very good pic but this is one I helped a buddy get 3 years ago.