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Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Pro

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Howard Leight Sport Impact ears. A buddy of mine brought a friend to the range a few weeks back who had an older set of these. When we were done shooting and cleaning up, he showed us how they worked. While they were on, he clapped beside our ear so we could see how it muffled the loud noises. I was immediately sold and ordered a pair. However, when I clap beside my ear now, with the new pair, no muffleing at all. Wondering if I got a bad pair, or can’t clap loud enough, and won’t know for sure until I get back to the range, somewhat soon, to test them.

That being said, does anyone have any experience and are they good or junk?


I’ve got a pair. They work fine. It’s easy to talk to people when there’s no gunfire but once the shooting starts it’s the same as passive ear pro.


Have a couple pairs of Howard Leights. The Impact Pros on the left and the Impact Sport on the right. Both are excellent hearing protection. The Pro Model offers about 5db better protection than the sport, but are bulkier. Really only use the Pros when I break out the big magnum rifles.15626295546401649007659


I have a couple pair of these too but I would not recommend for long guns…unless you have no ears.