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How well will optic mount handle a rattle can paint job

I am getting ready to install my new Mcarbo upgrades but also want to paint my sub 2k, and I am wondering how does everyone think the flip up optic mount will handle being painted?

Considering I’ll be painting a black/grey/navy blue digital camo pattern it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I painted before installing the optic mount but I did intend to paint the optic as well.

What’s everyone’s thoughts?


My optic mount is highly modded to mount on the KT Aluminum Forend. It is also partially painted with the same bedliner I coated my Sub with to hide sins which may or may not have been committed during modification. Paint holds well.


Pait has been on the 300BO mount for a good couple years, M4 aimpoint mount i picked up used, shot it OD, and installed it on a old gen1 aimpoint Comp ML
its all in your prep how long it stays. clean and skuff with scotchbrite is what i do


As Buck said…

This was done a year ago. 1937 Rem. 341. Green scotchbrite pad, acetone wash followed by rubbing alcohol. Alumahyde matte black. It’s been shot and cleaned numerous times since.