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How much pre-travel do you prefer on your trigger pull

Do you prefer pre travel ?
Do you prefer no pre travel before wall?



For me, it is not so much the distance of the trigger pull, but the certainty of when the gun will fire upon pulling the trigger so far. Kahr Firearms (particularly their non-1911 handguns), have long, but smooth and predictable trigger pulls. I have found them to be very easy to shoot very accurately. Of course, I have not shot all of their models, but those that I have, this was true.


Those are REALLY great questions. . . if one understands them in the first place :wink:

That’s why I went on an internet hunt for “What’s trigger pre-travel and what is ‘The Wall’ ?”. Short answer follows after this longer one:

I found two very good articles on the larger subject of trigger terminology and description ThankYouVeryMuch, (seriously):



SoOoOo. . . having read those pieces, I once again find, “simple questions very often defy simple answers”. Not meaning to redefine your question . . . but redefining your question, I’d have to ask “For what use?”. Would that be for a bullseye Olympic competition? Or for combat? Or for concealed carry? Or for home defense? And what type of firearm: Rifle, Pistol, other?

Short answer:
Ok, ok, sorry about that. In general, now that I have an idea behind the questions, MY answers would be: Very little pre-travel for bullseye target shooting but a whole bunch for situations where the adrenalin is flowing like beer at an Octoberfest and I need to be absolutely sure that when I touch that trigger, it trips because I am very consciously and without a doubt pulling it, versus it trips because my fine motor skills are limited due to the absolute stress of the moment where there’s very little difference between bullseye level pre-travel and “The Wall”.

I hope this helps


Thanks for your response! I understand the different uses of pre travel… If it’s not my self defense I like little to no pre travel…


On conventional triggers i like just a little bit of pretravel. Just enough so that you can feel when you hit the wall. On striker fired pistol i like no pretravel. The nature of a striker fired is such that you still have some travel after hitting the wall before it fires. I just finished putting in a Hyve Monarch trigger in my Springfield Hellcat I had previously put in a PRP trigger kit and it greatly improved trigger pull weight cutting it about half. There was still a ton of pre travel though. The Hyve trigger is adjustable for both pre travel and reset. I adjusted all the pre travel out and cut the length of pull drastically. Now the Hellcat has about the sweetest trigger of any striker fired pistol I’ve ever fired.
I think the PRP trigger kit combined with the Hyve Monarch trigger is about the best combination available at this time for the Hellcat.