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How much firearm training do you need

If you have taken pistol or rifle or both, How many training classes is enough that you can go and practice and not take any more training classes. I for one think that if you have a great instructor with real life experience I say 2 to 3 classes and go practice every moment you can, time willing. I heard some say they have 12 to 63 that certificates. Now multiply that by the amount of money spent for these classes. An average is $475 for 2 day training and some charge range fee. And some are much higher in price. I am lucky to go to the desert set up my paper and steel targets and practice. Bottom line you don’t need a dozen classes .IMO


Training is a subjective topic. Would person X, with no prior firearms experience get all they need from one or two classes? I think not. Will person Y, military service, well trained and proficient in firearms require as much training as X? Again, I don’t think so.

(There’s a lot of type X right now.) I would say, based on individual experience, get as much as you need/can afford and practice. Go back from time to time to insure your practice and training are working together.


Depends on the instuctor(s) I think you need 6 or so to find the ones that work for you. My method may just be a poor fit for you… By choosing several you can find the best fit.

How ready are you for the class?
If this is all new you won’t nearly the benefit and the reality is if you have GOOD instruction and you are NOT making errors then 2000 repetitions will build good muscle memory for you. If you have BAD habits it can take 5000 + to beat them out out you and stop doing the bad ones.

Dry fire is a YUGE benefit, Cheap, but boring.
And right now, prolly the ONLY option for some.

Start with .22lr and get the fundamentals.
Then with your primary learn the correct grip and trigger press.
Then spend a week getting a smooth draw and dry fire with your primary.
on your 1st REAL claas on your primary I will put a .22 slide in it if I have one for you for the 1st 50 shots, then go to the range ammo in you caliber and see how you do.

Go home and spend another week dry practice.

Keep the lessons short or it’s info overload and you get tired too.

Keep going back till you develop speed and accuracy. Stress good habits.

Perfect practice yields perfect results.

When speed and accuracy become the norm, learn your defensive ammo Point of impact and recoil.

Keep practicing dry with correct habits.



@Festus and @Wyo I agree on both of your inputs. I too practice dry fire and I also set up targets in my back yard practice with air soft gun. Yes new gun owners need a good amount of training that I agree. Plus you can some remember some good advise from u-tube like Travis Hailey, Tu Lam (Ronnin Tactical), There are very few on u-tube I would take their advise on shooting skills.


In the end you only need enough training to be better than the other guy, the more training you have the better the odds you have of outperforming the bad guy.

A corollary to that: Everything’s Different Under Stress.

Sure you might be able to put 9/10 rounds in the X ring at 25 yards slow fire but what are you going to do with the 3 shots at a moving target you may get in about 3 seconds with the bad guy at maybe 3 yards (per FBI the average engagement is at 3 yards, lasts 3 seconds with 3 rounds fired). You’re never going to perform as well as you think you should under stress, but training and especially training under artificial stress (competition, training classes etc) creates muscle memory and you’re more likely to react appropriately to a situation


I agree almost completely with you, Chris. Train, train, train! Artificial stress makes us better, no doubt. Wish I had the $$ (seems I’ve got the time, these days) to take all the classes I want to take, alas, is not to be for now. The only down side to training, shooting, competition, etc. is that the one time it becomes necessary to use it to stay alive, the DA is gonna try to paint you as a “nut job” that was “wanting to use all that training to kill someone”. It’s $#!++y that we live in that society today, but it is the fact of the matter. At the end of the day, however; I’d still rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6…so, train, train, train!!!