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How Much Ammo On Hand?


@Craig75 he started out sitting in my lap and squeezing the trigger on a ruger charger.

Now he uses a bolt action savage .22 rifle. He loves to shoot static clays and has become kind of a “hustler” on the range, shooting against the old guys for bullets. (He never loses. Lol)


no dought he prob. takes after his dad :grin::boom::boom::boom:


@hunter1916 he has figured out that he can shatter a clay at 25 yards with a single .22 round by shooting the rim instead of the center…the other guys have not figured it out yet! :joy:

One of my greatest joys is that every member of my family is an avid competitive shooter. It is great to be able to shoot every week with my wife and kids,to share something I feel is important with those I love.:family_man_woman_boy:


well good for you and your family and i would love to see that shot he sounds a lot better than me with the shotgun not that im very good anyway i have my own trap and i dont use it enough:+1::+1:


NO petrolium jelly, Ballistol works and will not have to be redone for a long long time.



@hunter1916 actually he does that with a .22LR I just hang clays on stakes and he goes to town.

For christmas he wants either a .410 or 17HMR, he just hasn’t made up his mind what to ask Santa for yet.

@Turmeric1 others have said the same thing,I just give the seals a light coat to keep them pliable. However, I cannot ignore good advice! Will be trying out the Ballistol in the future.:+1:



He is really hankering for this rifle…gotta admit, my boy has good taste!


So the wife an I have finally agreed to build a detached building to house most of our firearms and ammo. We are looking at the idea of a 20x20’ slump block structure with a steel security door set into the hillside behind our house.

Going to start bidding it out after xmas.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Has anyone else done this before and have cautionary tales to share?


I like the BOYD stock. and either 17wmr or 22wmr and he will hit most anything he wants to


@Turmeric1 oooh, pretty!


Top is savage A22 (22WMR) i need to find pictures but w/ primary arms 4-16 10 rounds about 6 seconds just over an inch. Now I see people have the Butler Creek 25 round mag for the A22 in stock.
Bottom is just a lowly 10/22.The BOYD stock took me about 4 hours to fit and make sure 2 $100.00 would slide back to the breech band. Then I glassed it !


Wrap in rubber either spray on or roofing. Drain it like crazy. Bring the seal under he slab up past edge of walls.
Pitch the roof to drain to one side not the rear, that way it will drain easier.make provisions for interior ventilation.
Make sure you put in a drain that is traped like in a house and keep it filled. Place a dampered cover on outside.
Seal the inside with dryloc/or something like Deckover.


i never heard of a slump block ;? but i would use 6inch solid blocks a cavity so you would have 16 inch wall with a 4 inch cavity with insulation and damp proof course under concrete floor ,outside rendered insulated roof and that should keet your firearms nice and dry and secure


Thanks @hunter1916 and @Turmeric1 those are all good suggestions!

All my life I have wanted a gun vault. A place with comfortable leather recliners and every firearm proudly displayed in handsome wooden racks to look at and enjoy instead of being locked away in some ugly black safe.

I can’t wait to get this project started!


Hi Mate

I have found a loophole in the Aussie ammunition law its not ideal but is better than nothing and if the world goes crazy perhaps it is the solution. I thought that the laws may be similar in Ireland as all others seem to be similar in gun and ammo restriction, inspections etc

There is a 5 kilo limit on gunpowder per license holder other than that there is no restrictions on cases primers and projectiles. If you shoot club you are allowed up to 10 kilos of each different type of powder that you use with a maximum of 20 kg stored in one locker. ( however you must be able to prove that you require and use all powders that you have).

We all know that 5 kilo of powder can charge a lot of rounds when you take in the fact its per license holder per household in my case as my partner is also licensed even without club permits i can hold 10 kilo of powder legally as long as its properly stored thats a lot of rounds.

So therefore I can be 100% legal with the capacity to produce enough ammunition to protect my family if the world went crazy. Now myself, My partner and my kids are going to start reloading so we are all capable of manufacturing our rounds.


Heres a hell of a deal on remington 22lr. $11.79 a brick with flat rate shipping of $12.99 now matter how many you order. I got another 5k for $131 shipped


they have that covered here the fxxxxxxxrs its illegal to make reloaders here ammo here is expensive and they want to keep it that way you can get the powder and caps from england by coming through northern ireland just dont get caught and that will be even harder when brexit kicks in . thanks for the info all the same


I would pack my bags and move f*** Ireland, no disrespect to any Irish citizen but that is harsh that is insane my heart goes out to you brother perhaps you could get a license to sell ammo that way you could make a dollar and still have heaps of ammo at your disposal.

I have been thinking about doing that myself closest ammo to my place is 80 km away i think that’s around 50 mile for the Americans reading its a pain in the arse when you run out.


prob a good idea but here i would need a import licence and a [prob have to do a upgrade on security and the money to back it up then ya have the taxman customs i think it be easier to go to gun shop i normaly get mine on line from an irish shop but if i need some in a hurry 10 miles would be my nearest to home and about one mile from job , i do usualy have more ammo than im suppose to have just dont keep it all in same safe, dont tell anybody:grinning::+1:


@hunter1916 @Craig75 it pains me to see fellow shooters so hobbled by their governments…I just hope nothing like that ever happens here. (And yes I know it is happening in CA!)