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How Much Ammo On Hand?


@Craig75 These are designed for underground ammo storage with humidity/moisture control. Each one holds the equivalent of 500 rounds 45ACP and cost about $25.


@dave67 how does that control humidity/moisture? Unless filled with an inert gas or uses dessicant cartridges?


@Johnksg Double O-ring lid seal, plastic bag liner and yes, a desiccant pack. I would probably vacuum-seal each box of ammo as well.


@dave67 thank you for the info!

WinCo sells 2gallon and 5gallon buckets with the double o-ring seal and screw top lids $10 for food storage. I have thought if you filled it with rice would work well for deep storage.

Problem with burying stuff though is moisture and the ph levels of the soil. Acidic soil can quickly destroy the most air-tight container.


@Johnksg I am not a fan of burying anything that can corrode but if that’s your only option to hide something from “the man” then you do what you got to do, I hope they don’t use metal detectors. But if it’s $1000 fine per round if caught I think I would just play by the rules, better to have some guns and some ammo than no guns and no ammo.


@dave67 I agree with your sentiments…when prop 43 was a possibility I considered burying stuff myself, at least theoretically.

I abandoned that idea. To many better options, such as a storage locker, or even a trailer parked in the woods.

And then again I thought better of it. Why run and hide? I have no delusions of going Rambo on a swat team, in fact my greatest contribution may be that of a martyr.

I pass on guns, ammo, experience, and teach shooting classes so the younger generation is prepared. (No warsaw ghettos for my family!)

If government comes my goal is to have nothing but empty gun safes and ammo cans at that point!


@dave67 and at $1000 a round , no money :scream:


Not to try and act like im all badass, but im not burying anything. If it has gotten to that point, why bother, you are now a subject. And no offense meant to our Aussie friend here.
If it comes to that point here in America we have failed as citizens. 1776 UNITED!!!


if we had less iphones and computers and more guns our counteries would be a safer place to live they say knowledge is power it can also be more dangerous than a loaded gun


Heh, same here! My wife and I usually hit the local shops the weekend after we go to the range to ‘restock’. That usually ends up as a ‘restock+’. :slight_smile:


Hearing all the requirements and restrictions imposed on those in other countries is always a good reminder to appreciate the freedoms we have here.
And living in Idaho, I am more fortunate than many here in the U.S.


Not so long ago a group of us instructors and coaches were having a very similar conversation. “What would we do in the event of a confiscation or forced buyback?”

Some are so attached to their beloved collections they would go to great lengths and risk to try and hide them.

But most of us agreed we would keep a single weapon + sidearm and give the rest away to any of the younger generation that was willing and able bodied. Those coming to seize our collections would find only empty safes and ammo cans.

After all a single man with a safe full of weapons is still just a single man…but if those weapons and ammo are distributed and “put into the field” then a resistance movement is created.

And in my opinion that is the greatest role the older generation such as myself can have in such a dire scenario. We can provide logistical support, training, and advice to the younger generation.

But until then keep voting and pray it never comes to that!


here in ireland if the police come check on your weapons unless you have a good explaintion
your guns must be locked in safe[s] same with ammo if not they can take them from you .


I still miss my L1A1 SLR they bought it back
My semi auto 12ga they bought it back
My Beretta 9mm they bought it back
My sportco .22 semi auto they bought it back

I will say it has tought me not to miss as i only have 5 rounds in a legal magazine with only bolt action rifles accuracy is the key. I always teach my kids to miss a kill is potentially your end so make sure you have the shot if not give yourself the best chance of making that shot by being patient and waiting till you have that shot



“you only need one bullet if you put it where it needs to go!” A quote from my 7 year old.

He has been going with me to all of my classes and range projects for the last 3 years and has become pretty adept with a .22


UW 115g 20
UW 200g 75
UW 220g 60
UW 140g 80
GD 200g 20
HCD 175g 30
Vcrown 180g 43
Fn 180g 0
Magtech 0
UW 65g +P XD 40r
UW 115g +p+ nosler 75r
UW 115g +p+ XP 105r
98ple 115g +p+ 115r
FN 115g 300
FN 124G 400
Hbk 75g 400
GT 62g 200
HSuperf 75g 120
FN 27g 200
FN 28g gt 500
FN 40g 200
AE 40g 50
Hornady 168g 60r
Hornady 150g 40r
USM 150g 25r
Fed tru ball plated 30r
Fed 00 buck flight control 20r
Fed low recoil slug 30r
Foster slugs 30r
Hornady black 00 buck 50r
Hornady superformence 50r
Fed #4 buck 25r
Fed slugs 30r
Winchester bird 150r

its hard to keep saving ammo because every month i spend about 200 dollars on 9mm for steel comps

fun fun


Well lock me up and throw away the key then…


You should have 2000 round for each firearm you own what ever caliber it is


My boy i had shooting air rifle at 5 .22 by 7 and has been shooting .222 for a couple of years he still shoots .22 the most. I was bought up in a house with rifles and shot on farm from a very young age and was always tought gun safety is paramount and that’s how I hope my boy,s children grow up.


gun safety first and foremost before the gun is even in your hands