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How Much Ammo On Hand?


By the way my 6.5 was built as the wind and distance is not so much of an issue when teaching my kids full bore rifle shooting. It also smashes feral pigs


100 rounds on rim fire , storing here not a problem as long as there secure its the small amounts thats the problem if i want to go to a clay shoot 100 cartridges is all i am allowed to have not just with me but in total then the expense of buying a couple of extra boxes at the shoot where you know yourself buy in bulk its a lot cheaper


its all about power and money with governments,every country should have the 2nd amendment


I know of one way to reduce that ammo one bullet at a time! I’ll leave that to your imagination


You can’t even keep your ammo at home?


Hearing what hoops some of our brothers in other countries have to jump through in regards to storing and accessing ammunition is concerning.

I have often wondered what would I do and how I would store ammunition if such a situation were to happen here?


The only answer is to never let things go that far in the first place. But, do people here even have the will to keep that from happening? Who knows… My prediction isn’t hopeful.



I agree, and like you I am also not overly optimistic. I get asked from time to time what would I do if weapons and ammo were banned?

Truth is I don’t know.

I read about buried cache containers for weapons and ammunition, see similar items marketed to the preppers. (Not so sure that is the best response.) But it does indicate the level of concern in the shooting community.


I’m not sure where it came from, but I’ve always liked the saying…

“Don’t make me a criminal. You wouldn’t like me as a criminal.” :+1:


Before they make Ireland or Australia (or California!) out of us, might wanna wait til all the Baby Boomers are gone. Break it down, we got most of the guns’n ammo…and the ‘Cold Dead Hands’ mentality to go with it. What I’m gonna be subject to a government disarmament?? Put a Grip Fin on my S2k?? or…turn in my happy sticks??:face_vomiting:. Not happening!

Now if they wait twenty years, odds may improve. Three out of my seven kids are stone cold Liberal/Pacifists, they’d turn in the stuff for like a new iPhone. The other four are stone cold like me. They get the guns when I’m gone.

Maybe they better wait 60 years.


@Wedge my favorite saying is, “when it comes time to hide your weapons, that is the time to start using them!”


@Boomchucker I don’t know, with kids like the ones I have, (and how my grandkids are being raised) they just might be smarter to leave the rural folks alone!

I really don’t think any government would be completely prepared for a riled up backwoods population.

I did my time fighting “insurgencies” an American one, with their skills, experience, and resources would be an absolute nightmare.


Yes you can but not allowed to store excessive amounts. You must be able to explain yourself of why you need it and saying buying in bulk is not a good enough reason.

If you shoot regular club or rim fire is ok but keeping larger quantities of ammo for hunting can be a problem


You can’t just hide it? I guess that would be hard to do if they track every purchase, though.


I would make a terrible Irishman. Or Australian. Or Californian​:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head:


Well yes you can as long as they don’t find it as that is costly if they found it 1000 per round fine if ammo stored incorrectly.

Since my caution I have started storing ammo in water proof containers buried on our farm. Very unlikely they would be found


Hell, yeah, there ya go. :+1:


@Craig75 Someone can come into your house at anytime and check on your guns and ammo at anytime to make sure you don’t have to much and if it’s stored properly and what you are using it for or why you need it?..is that what you are saying?


Yes that is a condition of holding a firearms license. The police will normally check a couple of times a year


@Craig75 I gave your post a “like”…but I am NOT liking that one bit!

I guess that is where my line will be drawn, you come in my home a guest or not at all!