How Much Ammo On Hand?


It’s not anything like Trula!


No steel case ammo for me. Only thing I’ll use that in is my SKS.


I’ll never use it again’ what Filthy Ammo and the mess it made in My Sub 2000’ Break out the Carb Clean! :face_vomiting:


No such thing as too much unless SHTF never happens. Then it just becomes hoarding. Ask a farmer how much hay to put up; it will always be more than they will use in a season. Same idea, you never know when your ability to put up for a rainy day will be difficult. Frankly, after the last ammo crisis, I never raided my existing stock for plinking.


@JSimon, [quote=“JSimon, post:434, topic:2775”]
Frankly, after the last ammo crisis, I never raided my existing stock for plinking.
My rule is to ALWAYS increase my stock, when I shoot it, I reload it. When doing a lot of shooting, buy more plinking ammo then reload with premium defense/hunting rounds. Only occasionally do I shoot the premium ammo and then it’s only for hunting or checking zero.



Wow! Great price!

I have used Fiocchi a lot and never had any trouble with it


@JohnB Just ordered 1000 rd. case from Palmetto State Armory for $159.80 plus free shipping. If anyone likes CCI-Speer they have it for $149.99 after a $20.00 rebate plus free shipping.


All I can say, is you can never have enough on hand. :grin:


I use alot of fiocchi 22mag and shotgun slugs never had 1 problem there flat nose fmj 40 grain 22 mag round is only thing my naa mini revolver likes for good groups out to 12 yards


@Texprep Well heck whats a brother good for If he can’t share the love’ I’ve got hundreds of Armscore 9mm brass for you to add to your Pile! how many 1 pound coffee can’s worth shall I send you.:rofl: I already have the Negative Camber Thing going on in the back 40 with all the full ammo can’s and I need to add more Weight NOT’:grinning:


Send it all. Well, let me rethink that. Shipping from the great state of Alaska would probably cost me more than buying loaded ammo locally.


Not enough, I read an article year’s ago that recommended amounts and I think it would not be enough. My idea is to share with family and friends. I try to buy a box or 2 each week whether I expended that caliber at the range or not. You can’t post targets if your out of staples either.:wink:


Federal updated their packaging. Interesting.


@Texprep Book Rate Baby! u.s.p.s What are you New? :rofl:


OK Tony, don’t know where you are in Alaska, but a 20lb box of brass from Fairbanks to my house is only $20.00 according to USPS if I did it right. You gonna slip in a little moose or salmon jerky you guys are so famous for? Where do I send the check?


I’m looking at joining Target Sports’s Prime program. Wholesale prices and free shipping on all ammo, costs $95 a year. Steep initial investment, but if I steadily invest in ammo it’ll pay itself off. And ammo prices are only likely to go up.

Spending hundreds at once on ammo is weirdly tough for me, so this way maybe I just buy smaller amounts every few weeks or month.


Don’t worry about the Fun tickets’ When I get my Sh** together and its collected the brass’ I’ll find out where it’s going in the lower 48.

The Last Butt (100 Pd’s) I shipped out Gold Streak ‘‘Blah’ Blah’’ They lost

Found it by the Smell in a Ware House in Iowa in ‘‘July’’ been their for a couple of days’ all the block ice etc was gone, it some how missed Seattle to my folks.

It’s all good.



Just got in 1600 rounds of .22lr, assorted types to see how they run in the CP33. The few AE I tried last time ran well, CCI is generally supposed to be good, and the Aguila is plated and high velocity so I’m optimistic.

The mini mags are pricier and I won’t just dump them, but I want to see how they run. They’ll be great in the Henry I’m sure.


Let me know how the Aguila runs in it. Hopefully well since I just picked up 6 boxes. The CCI ran well in the CP33.


Will do. I definitely had some issues in my first trip, running Federal and Thunderbolt 36gr HPs. Thunderbolts ran a little better with the first round chambering, but had total FTFeeds later. Gonna clean and lube it and hope for better with at least one type of ammo.

Doesn’t need to be perfect but clearing malfunctions kinda takes some of the fun of the gun away.