How Much Ammo On Hand?


I hear that on the storing part. Ive got a hallway in the basement that is just stacks and stacks of ammo cans. Not to mention i will buy brass to stockpile as well when i come across a good deal. A friend of mine saves his brass for me and i give him some cash to compensate him. Just got 5k 380 brass cases for $40. Hard to beat that, especially when i know its all once fired factory stuff



Very sorry for your loss!


3000 9MM
200 Sig 365 V crown HP
3000 .22LR
3000 .22WMR
100 .45Long Colt (Cowboy loads)
50 mixed .410 shot 3" 000 & PDX defensive load
(Last 2 are for my Bond arms. I love that tank)


Thank you. To some he was a junkie, to me it was my son. Once that demon gets his hooks in, it won’t let go.



I ‘surely’ understand that DEMON, it has her ‘hooks’ on my step-daughter, as well! We had just got her to ‘say’ that she would go to an addiction clinic, however, she wants to continue to guilt my wife into ‘threatening’ her into being a suicidal watch case (if she wont continue to support her by every means…) She would rather cop out and sneak the high in our bathroom. We had to ‘close’ our door recently because of all the drama that she brings around the house! Both of us fear the emminent will happen!!! My prayers go out to you, as well… ONE NEVER HAS A GOOD TRACK RECORD OF HELPING OTHERS WHEN THEY DO NOT WISH TO HELP THEIRSELVES???


@Johnksg Thanks for the great information on Can’s and Sealing Idea’s !!:+1:
How many packets of desicant per can is good and do they also need to have been in sealed container before Use,and does the open air storage destroy them prior to use,I got 100’s of them in my tool box.


You both have my deepest sympathies and hopes for you. Can’t tell you how many times during my career I had to be the one to knock on the door in the middle of the night to deliver the news no parent ever wants to hear. Can’t tell you what to do, but sometimes tough love is the best love. Best of luck to you both. Do what you have to do to protect the rest of your families. There is no negotiating with the Devil.


Great questions! Answer is it will vary depending upon your environment. I usually toss in 2-3, of the 10 gram packet per .30 cal ammo can.

If you are unsure about the dessicant packages you can do the crackle test. Sealed is better obviously but you can recharge them in your oven. :grin::+1:


Truly sorry for your loss cico7. Did you ever notice something about a car, it has more windshield then it does mirrors…that’s so we can see where we are going, not where we have been…:+1:. I customize my own guns (like my Marlin M60PG), I’m also a Prepper. While I can neither confirm nor deny I have large amounts of ammo…………I can say if “it” hits the fan I’m one of those guys you want to be around.


Winchester and privi and few others are making 7.62x25 tokarev ammo and its brass case with boxer primers so makes a great round to reload. My tokarev pistol is one of my favorite guns to shoot and have carried it on occasion


Since my purchase of a KelTec 2000 Gen 2 I have acquired 7 more fire power.3- 9mm, 1-380,2-22 and another AR. I have the fever. Ammo fever has not hit me as hard although it is in the 2k area for 9mm,5k -22 and 2k -556/223. 380 about 200. My thinking is…I live in the Mtns of N.Arizona. A ridge to be exact. I have the best vantage point in the area.
I know my neighbors well and if need be will give them a gun and a box. They are quiet folks and will lend a hand and there shirt. I will buy more for there sake.


I am sorry to hear about both of your kids. Son(Johnksg) and(cico7) Step daughter. I work in the field of Mental Health and Addictions.
I want you to understand, that a one time use changes the nueronets of the brain. Parents have a tendency to blame themselves for the outcome of their child. Not So Fast! Drugs will change the personality in an instant and the family is left dumb founded.
Be kind to yourself.



That is my step daughter, Katie! We are on SSDI (too early in life…) Now mid-fifties and beside ourselves. You know always adjusting and trying to look for the good things in life.The world keeps moving and ‘how one gets that ticket?’ There are so many things that make individuals happy? My ‘baby girl,’ Angela is graduating college this May with a BA in Nursing. I am so proud of her! Katie, (my wife’s daughter) is ‘now home’ until a bed is ready for her (Tuesday!) The apartment is too small for the 3 of us!) My wife and I have been in a ‘transistional state…’ We have been through all those periods of chaos. The lying, stealing, kicking her out, turning our backs and worrying when we would get that call… A real rollercoaster of emotions! Then there is the stress between the parents. The ‘blame’ for being proud of one child and not the other, the guilt that a parent should have handled things differently, and so forth! I have spent the last two weeks being a ‘hermit’ in my own domain waiting to get Katie the help she needs! It has caused some distance between my wife and myself. I have been passing my time with Amazon Prime Movies and the ‘brotherhood’ trying to keep peace within myself. I keep taking a breath and reminding myself that THIS TOO, SHALL (SOON) PASS! I had just watched the movie, ‘BEAUTIFUL BOY’ and the ‘odds of success’ don’t seem to be stacked in our favor???

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Are you on SSDI or is Katie? Does Katie want help or is she in a legal bind where she is COT to go into treatment?
Folks that really want recovery have to do a whole life change. It take courage, vulnerability and a great support system other/ besides you. IT takes work and there is no easy way at all.
If she is resistant than it is all smoke and she will hit the streets one more time.
Letting go as a parent sucks. You are powerless to do anything BUT to give it over to the God of your Spiritual understanding and leave it there. Trying to save a person who" insist " on drowning will result in 2 drownings. Yours and hers. Look at the cost thus far to your family. Be the Observer, watch and let go. She has to do the work not you.
I wish you and your family well and the best outcome. Be the Observer, take yourself out of the equation and let her work it out. Either way it is in her hands and out of yours no matter the blame game.
Breath and Be still.


welcome back @FocuedOne


Anyone tried Fiocchi ammo? Got 1000 rounds for $159.00. Trying something new. Brass cased, boxer primed so its good for reloading.


@Texprep Yes I’ve Used the 22 WMR and have no Complaints,’ From ‘‘Ammo Supply Wharehouse’’ in Panrum Nevada, And the 9mm Back when the Shortage
was around.


Haven’t shot a lot of it but have used it without issue. Good price on it thats for sure


@d.kaufman2154 @Texprep Just checked Ammo Supply Wharehouse, they also got Armscore for $169 @ 1000 which I have Purchased before no complaints and 4 Pages of 9mm God they have alot of 9mm.


@DivaMarie, @d.kaufman2154,
Thanks for the reply. Couldn’t pass on the price. Came from, where I buy most of my bulk ammo. Wanted to maintain my current stock of 9mm so I opted to buy more for when my M series S2K comes in Monday. Hoping this ammo isn’t as dirty as winchester and is as consistent as S&B ammo. Brass looks nice so it should be good for reloading if I ever get time to sit down and do it. Brass is piling up as I haven’t reloaded in over a month now.