How Much Ammo On Hand?


Do you keep your ammo in baggies in your storage boxes?


6k 9mm (4 guns)
12k .22lr (2 guns)
5k 5.56 (2 guns) edit…third 5.56 on order, arriving next week.Loophole gun.

4k 7.62x51 146-155 grain (1 gun, but with it, I fear no evil)
1k .308 168-178 grain (precision rifle)
2.2k .45 acp (1 1911)
300 1oz/3/4 oz slugs
200 00 buck
200 8shot (1 defense gun which just happens to be a hoot to shoot)
Mainly stored in 30 and 50 cal cans. 2 styrofoam coolers. One plastic sealed tub, unopened cases. Dessicant, 150 packets, 2 dehumidifiers. A few boxes and cans in my safes. I shoot near weekly, generate about 140 pounds of brass a year.


As it turns out, not as much as I thought! Turns out the two crackheads I just had booted out have been “trading” my ammo for their dope! Reckon me n’ the judge gonna be having another sitdown come Monday! I’m chewing nails right about now…


@SnuffySmiff man I am sorry!

Thats why I trust no one but family. :angry:



That is the biggest damn problem-and it always has been. My wife’s only child is who I’m talking about and his real father-who was 19 years older than her, passed away about 11 years ago. She gave birth to the worthless scumbag when she was 31. and the father was 52. This kid was his third son(the other 2 were by previous marriage and were grown) and the father was either too old or just did not care enough to be a proper father-all he ever really did was literally work himself into his grave!
But anyway-the two crackheads(the son and his girlfriend-who had their 4 month old taken by the state in early Jan and tested positive for 3 illegal drugs at birth!!!)) somehow managed to leave behind all their court papers and we went thru them all today. She got to see in plain black-and-white just exactly what a loser AND consummate liar her “precious little boy” truly is! Turns out he’s been smoking meth for most of the last 6-8 years and every single word that had come out of his mouth has been a bald-faced lie! I’ve been so vindicated-been telling her for YEARS what he was up to and she flatly refused to ever believe me. If we did not already have 10 relatively good years together I woulda done been gone and to be completely truthful, I am still pondering it!


@SnuffySmiff. Well that really does suck. I am lucky all of my wifes kids are really good people and we all share the same passions for hunting, fishing, and sport shooting. :grin:

You know that does bring up an issue we have discussed in this new defensive shooting program I am building what happens when the “enemy” is a family member?

Drugs are killing us.

I live in a retirement town, average age about 65+. Fully 25% of our school kids are in foster care and being raised by grandparents. Of the homicides we have had in the last five years everyone of them have been drug related and involved an immediate family member.

Think about that.

Think about how it changes the paradigm when a defensive situation involves your son or grandson? Someone who is ALREADY in your house?

I don’t really know if I want to get into that area of shooting instruction, but it has been brought up and it does deserve thought.


Deep thoughts for consideration there brother.


Reminds of the self defense classes that were offered to women. They were always taught to defend themselves against the stranger attack. Can you imagine trying to poke out the eyes of your own child, boyfriend etc. That would cause most people to pause, and lose that crucial initial defense response. No one ever was honest enough to tell them their greatest threat is often living in their own home. Same with kids, the focus was always “stranger danger”. As a retired LE with 27 yrs in the Investigative division, I can tell you many more children are abused by relatives, family friends and “trusted adults” than by strangers. Know the situation you’re in and know the players. The time to consider the appropriate response is not while it is happening.


@Dane those are valid points. (Sorry I deleted my post, realized I was posting on wrong thread. We can discuss more on “changing the paradigm” if you guys want? )

Btw back on topic…look what my wife got me for ammo storage! :grinning:


Just got a new one too. And it doubles for fish, venison and my favorite - homemade jerky.


@Dane wife got me one all of my own cause she got tired of finding hers in my shop! :grinning:

Just curious,how many of you fellers vacuum seal your ammunition for long term storage?


Got mine cause I wore the last one out!


@Dane they are such handy buggers and it beats using a pressure cooker and canning everything!


Use mine all the time, but I have no problem with pressure cookers and canning (cause that’s the wife’s job)


@Dane wife got one of those “instapots” and now she pressure cooks everything!



I have never considered vacuum packing my ammo. I have sometimes stored ammo for as long as 20 years and it still shot fine. Would vacuum packing it help the ammo maintain its reliability and potency much longer than that?


@JohnB well greatest enemy to ammo is heat and humidity. That said I have shot 40 year old 8mm ammo from Turkey that I know was not sealed and it all shot just fine.

I just like taking that extra step because of the amount of $$ I have invested in ammo.

Plus I want my grandkids to be able to use it someday without any loss in performance! :grin:


Does protect it from the elements. In addition it can help reduce storage space. If you look at many boxes of ammo, about half of the overall size is just the box. You can also label them in larger letters, helps us older guys who can’t read the fine print on the boxes like we used to.



How long do you think you could safely store ammo in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment if it is vacuum packed? (I am considering here that the packing could eventually leak or open up a little.)



Space saving - now that is something that would really help! Thanks for that tip.