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How Much Ammo On Hand?


Pretty much a 10:1 ratio, target ammo v/s personal protection for me.


I have 1000 124 grain fmj and 600.124 jhos for my nine. I have 6 flats of 12 guage 1 ounce 8 shot2.5 grains powder for trap shooting. It’s the lightest load my 1100 trap will cycle. 500 rounds pf 3 inch loads for my 835. Assorted loads from5 sgot for turkeys to buckshot. I need to restock my 22lr. Im down to 800 rounds of browning performance ammo. 1455 fpr. I need to but another 5000 rounds of a good 1255 velocity rounds for practice. I shoot 2 00 t. Io 300 rounds of 22lr several times a week i have over 500 rounda of 168 grain hornady light mag rounds. It’s the factory load my gun shoots the best groups . I havea unknown amout of 20 guage shells.


It’d likely take me a couple days to count it all but I will always maintain that I ain’t got nowhere’s near
enuff! I figure whatever I don’t use I could trade should that need ever arise.
But I still recall someone once telling me to “learn to reload”, they said…
they followed that up with “you’ll save some money” they said…

I just wanna know when them “savings” will finally show up!


I use a smaller fridge for ammo storage.


Today there really isn’t a lot of savings loading your own, especially the pistol and smaller rifle calibers. I will say that I can load premium bullets for about the same price as ball ammo. Where the savings can really add up is in the larger rifle calibers. For me, reloading isn’t just about saving money. It’s the satisfaction of finding a load for a particular firearm that allows a firearm to shoot at its best potential. It’s also a way for me to decompress from the anxieties of everyday life.


@cico7 Nice.:+1: And for re-purposing, I think we should get a tax (or ammo) credit, for going green and reducing our footprint on the environment we all love and enjoy. LOL


Recycle? Naw I didn’t want to toss it because it still works. But it does keep the ammo dry.


@cico7 LOL Yeah, I knew what you meant. But hey, big corporations use creative methods to get tax breaks and other concessions so what the heck.
I’m a big fan of eating, shooting, and having a full fridge all three, so a fridge full of ammo is great.
That’s kinda’ the best of both worlds. Or three in this case, at least if your a hunter as well as just a shooter. LOL
I hadn’t thought about using a little fridge for ammo though. I have a little fridge that only cools intermittently so I don’t use it anymore. That is until now, thanks to you. :+1::+1::sunglasses:


onle 3 weeks of hunting season im down to 10 bullets for 270 and 15 bullets for 243 and 4 boxes of shells for 12 gauge even if we were able to store unlimited ammo the price restricts us here too :exploding_head:


Just got another 500 from a show. I generally get a box every gun show or every other if they’re too close together. Not that rich.



2 big :+1:'s

Funny how some folks will look at ya like ya got 3 heads or something when ya tell 'em every gun shoots every brand of bullet differently…


hahaha…I’ve seen that look!!:ok_hand::confused:


usually non shooters or axxholes who know nothing about guns a lot of people out there have guns just for show and would prob, accidently shoot them selves before a target @SnuffySmiff @Texprep @jeffing65


Another bulk order arrived last week…buy it cheap and stack it deep.
2000k 9mm
250 rnds of #4 buckshot aka coyote ammo :wink:


@Patriot1 I doubt I will ever order that much but please scan and post the labels.

I want to stick them on boxes and leave them at my front door for nosy neighbors. I also might send one to my work full of office snacks just for giggles and grins. :smiling_imp:


Ain’t that the truth! Not like the old days when I could load .38s for less than five cents a round!

Now a days I just do large bulk orders. I always go with federal because of their quality and consistency. Worth a few extra cents in my opinion.


i just bought a box of 20 win 130 grain soft point federal 40 euro [around 50 dollars] should do me till end of season


@hunter1916 OUCH!!!

Every time you bring up the ammo situation in your country it makes me angry!

Now the liberal Dems in Oregon are proposing a bill to ban anything larger than a five round magazine, background checks for ammo, and a limit of 20 rounds every 30 days! :angry::dizzy_face:


that sounds worse than here we cant do anything about it its the police who set the limits here as for price its mainly the import duty that drives the price up @Johnksg


Well so far it is a proposed senate bill. I sure hope it doesn’t go any further but I am afraid it will.

It will end every single shooting sport.