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How Much Ammo On Hand?


Wow I have fallen so far behind this week!

My motto, “better to have than to have not!” I am pretty sure that is in the bible somewhere?

keep your ammo cool and dry. Heat and humidity are the greatest threat to long term storage👍


@Johnksg amen brother if its not init we will write it in just at the very end ;according to johnsq chapter 1 verse 2 :joy:


heres one for the irish to brag about i heard last night that the irish army rangers won the world sniper chapionship in 2017 i think was the year takeing it away from the americans the first time the american ever lost it, can anyone verifiey the year ,just thought id say this :+1::muscle:


@hunter1916 US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment has won past two years (2017,2018). Ireland won in 2015.44306993_1029583973868341_271173690924728320_n



That falls pretty close to my motto “better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”.


@dave67 i stand corrected but we were still to take the trophy out of america as far as i know


@hunter1916 you do know I am Irish right? Passed the hat in the pubs as a lad for the “resistance” .

Like my son says, God invented whiskey so the Irish would not rule the world!


@Johnksg i have genuine copy of the 1916 proclamation only 100 printed on the same type of paper made in 2 parts on the same type of press there was a few mistakes in them because they had’nt enough letters thats why it was printed in 2 parts its an exact copy of the original , will have photos after xmas


Well, I’m finished with 357, almost a total rebuild of the Dillon in the past month/six weeks but it’s running like a champ now. while it is set up for 357, I have about 1500 pieces of empty 38 brass I’m going to load up before I change out the dies.


Well before I took my tumble I did get two new steel cabinets to store our “every day use guns” in with hard cases.


@Johnksg That is organized, I like how you can keep the guns in their cases and slide them right in the cabinet…good job.


@dave67 can’t let the wife’s o/u get all scratched up now can I?

No more gun cases under the bed or stuck up on closet shelves for me!:grin:



I am going to ‘go out’ in style? LMAO


New Years weekend, loaded 500rnd, 45/70 GVT (Barnes) and 250 Rnds 300 win mag. I had got a lil slack. I usually reload at 100 hulls in the hopper. I had been deprimin ,cleanin and baggin, just not re-fillin…
this is my new goal, third option…


just posting a great deal…no rebates


when you get to checkout…type “take15” and it will be $152.99


Has anyone ordered or have the “Battle Packs” of ammo? I have 1 in 9m with 350 rounds I think.


I have several of those battle packs. Some with 5.56x45, 62 gr. Greentip for the AR-15’s, some in 7.62x51, 150 gr. FMJ for the AR-10’s.
Like them packaged that way. Waterproof and easy to carry while training.


Got about 14 of em for .223 with the reloading spoons.


I’m well stocked with everyone except for the gun I carry the most which is the 380 LCP. Having figured out why that is yet


If Joe average uses plinking am or defense ammo, what do the police or military carry?
If SHTF are you stocking plinking ammo?
That is my plan-to stock up on the plinking ammo…load more.