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How Much Ammo On Hand?


I clearly realize I don’t have enough but since my range bag has become this nice sling backpack I might start stocking a few boxes in there. While home defense is one thing, the truth is you’ll probably be n the move and can only carry so much.


@hunter1916 I agree with you 100 percent, if you can make something more difficult to get into then they probably will not spend the time and move onto the next house that may be easier to get into. If the thieves do get in they will probably ransack so if something is just hidden and not locked up they will find it. I am a believer in locks, home alarms and surveillance cameras…all ways to “deter” a thief.


I realize that if it comes down to walking away from the house I know I can’t carry everything. But I will fight as long as possible before leaving the home. Being a older and not so good health individual I don’t plan on leaving. That is why I am stocking up.


@KM55 I agree with you on that, I would be way more vulnerable out in the open than staying put and fighting the fight with my neighbors. That is a nice organized set up you have.


@KM55, Now that is what I am talking about… STAND YOUR GROUND, SIR!


I have been stocking up on food also


@Johnksg It really is something to think about. And I have those same questions.


Excel user here too. I try and use data to prioritize purchasing.

Calibers are 17 hmr, 22lr, 22magnum, 380, 9mm, 45 auto, 556, 308 win and 20 gauge. That’s straightforward, but I’ve got some of these in both pistol and rifle, and some of the rifles are bolt and some semi’s, and some are for target shooting, some subsonic, some hunting, some concealed carry, and… Well, you get the idea.

My spreadsheet targets depend on the gun and function, plus there is reloading stuff to keep track of. So you need brass (or hulls & wads), powder(s), bullets (and shot), primers. Do you buy brass or recycle your own? If it’s the latter, and you have a reload # target, you need to know how much brass is sitting in inventory in shootable (or unshot) ammo, and how much of each of the other elements you have so you know the min number you can actually load.

That’s simple stuff but just easier in a spreadsheet, and with conditional formatting you can auto-highlight key elements to collect or purchase to balance loading of any individual weapon, or caliber.

I also track weight as a byproduct of all this. I’m fixing to retire and have to move all this stuff the most efficient way.


@Wedge Something I didn’t mention and wasn’t done on the one in the pic.
I would remove the plastic or preferably find an old one before plastic interior. That would be required for any interior protection.
We used to make smokers out of the old freezers with aluminum interiors and fiberglass insulation between it and the outside. If I were to do one that is what I would use.
I agree it won’t withstand extreme temps for sure, but it should be able to withstand moderate fire/heat. Say a bunch of burning or smouldering house debris falling on and around it. (paneling, cabinetry, ceiling panels etc) that would destroy/incinerate items in the same place without protection…


@Dumasor, THE M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD can ALWAYS use ‘another’ ANALYST??? :thinking: Welcome to the ‘family!’ Well, I know that you had been here awhile, but I hadn’t seen your posts, sir! Glad you are back. Big smiles!


@KM55 man your ready for war ,i like it


Thanks Wolf. You doing ok?

Don’t post too often but enjoy the topics and opinions. Not sure about the analyst deal though. I’m a geophysicist.




Not really for war, but whatever life throws at me.


Same for now. I have 500rd of repackaged ammo which is hard to find places to use at so it’s nice to have as my backup for whatever right now.


@Dumasor, Very fascinating kind of work. It is very ‘interesting’ to find out what type of people gravitate towards certain circles? I am doing quite well, John. Thanks for asking as well !!!


Just bought another 1000 rnd of 9mm, (Targetsports)


@tlmaz I just discovered them and have placed two orders so far. They seem pretty good and their prices are decent.


i joined there club, 90.00 a year, for more discounts on all ammo, + free shipping on lower quanity ammo. That way i can try different brands, with out paying for shipping per box.


always need more but im sitting at about 2800 rds of 5.56, about 1000 rds of 9mm, 200 rds of 6.5 creedmoor and about 600 12ga shotgun.


Never, never enough… I shoot a lot. 2 - 3 times a week. That said!
5k + 45 acp
3k + 9 mm more to come the Dillon is set to reload 9’s
4k + 22 lr
4k + 223/5.56
2k + 38 148 gr WC in 357 casses a very light load for competition shooting
1k + 357 mag various loads
1k + 30-06 for M1 Grand and hunting rifles
8 cases + 12 ga I shoot shotgun once a week
a lot of primers/powder/ components for reloading most above…