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How Much Ammo On Hand?


@godallmighty problem comes when I go to get ammo and find wife or kids left an empty can in the “ammo full” stack!

Kinda like putting an empty box of cereal in the cubbard! :angry:


some smoking deals on ammo right about now… buy 'em up, boys, 'cause you may only have a couple years to go…

(10+ round mag possession just became a felony in NJ)

just scored a bunch of rimfire for $0.03/round

on the Gulf of Mexico


Yep, don’t know about Android, but AmmoBase on iTunes.

I used to use those composition books for my round counts… but once it got wet, that went out the window. Prefer the app for that, especially being able to notate any issues with the firearms (failures, zeroing info, testing different parts/setups).

I could use other methods, like you guys mentioned, but if I’m buying ammo… I’m either on my phone or in a store. Spreadsheet on my laptop or a physical page at home works… but easier for me. Plus, I get records of what I previously bought ammo for and where. Dropbox backup, I’m set.

I do similar with my firearms (myGuns). Lists of modifications, pictures, and serial number. While I know some people don’t like technology, or what could be pulled from it, but I like having that info available… in case a gun gets lost or stolen.

I am not a true tech-junkie, but like to have it work for me. If I got my phone on me majority of the time, good place for that info for my reference.


That won’t matter. They troll firearms forums and if you’re posting in them, you definitely own firearms. They can easily track you down via your IP address, among other things, so using anonymous screen names won’t matter, either.


It wouldn’t really have any fire proof usefulness at all. The plastic interior would start melting right away and take the guns with it. The metal on a fridge is very thin (extremely fast exterior heat transfer to the inside) and nothing in it is designed to withstand extreme heat.


Well you are just a little ray of sunshine aren’t you brother! :astonished:


@Wedge oh I know ATF be all over it. Looking for no no’s. They have nothing better to do anyway. They should change the name to the fun police for real. It would suit them well


@Flogrown honestly there are too many “tells” to worry about stuff like this…get a Cabelas catalog? Member of a gun range? Watch shooting videos? Read gun reviews? It is probably not to hard to figure out who the gun owners are.

I will just stand my ground!


@Johnksg The thing that sucks is the element of surprise. They just show up and catch you unprepared 15 of them 1 of you. No way to combat that unless you knew when they were coming. Of course this would probably be after they have a bring us your guns announcement where dummies voluntarily give them up. Like all those idiots did after Mr. Cruz went nuts. The funny part about most of those video is that they failed to destroy the weapons pretty much just made them illegal SBR’s or left them where they could be rebuilt :expressionless:


@Flogrown well that is why swat teams are so successful…they have the element of surprise and dictate the engagement.

Like I said before the govt has a lot of coercive power. Does not even need to resort to force.

But until that day comes I am not gonna change.


@Johnksg I’ll have to go try to find the article but our beloved swat team here in Jax had an epic failure not long ago where they surrounded a guy’s house and he was hulled up not coming out when they gained entry to the residence it was empty​:rofl::joy::thinking:


@hunter1916, I have an extremely difficult time remembering one safe code, let alone 4… LOL


Nobody would look in a fridge for guns but they would look for food. Home invaders are well documented food raiders. A lock would be an affront to their pillage and an even more urgent reason to bust it. I don’t believe in safes/RSC either. Although I lose fire prevention, I prefer more unassuming hides like a hope chest/ job box under a pile of storage stuff in a spare room.


@Kona @hunter1916, YES!!! And, if I may say again, **NO COMBINATIONS TO REMEMBER!!! ** LOL


thieves will search anywhere and everywhere depends on how much time they have its all about slowing them down and deterant making it as difficult as possible if they want to get into your home they will @Kona


you guys really depressme with my limits here being very low and ammo being very expensive here :angry::scream:


For those that need a few rounds for practice, here’s a starter kit on sale.


@Texprep Because nothing says Merry Christmas more than 12,500 rounds of ammo.:grin: I will check my pick-up truck bed Xmas morning but I don’t think anyone is spending $3,900 on me. I wonder how much that barrel weighs?..about 352 ibs. for the 5.56 and about 469 lbs. for the 7.62x51 not including the barrel.


And I hope that it is freight-free shipping!! People at work would pop a gasket if a semi-truck came rolling in to unload a barrel of ammo.


@Kona how right you are I was going to say the same “food raiders” that’s funny. I always hear stories about drinking all the beer or taking food and trashing everything