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How Much Ammo On Hand?


that is class real cool makes good use of old fridge but will it pass safe standards


@hunter1916 LOL I wouldn’t call it a safe for certain. It is a way of having a moderately fire proof lockout box that can prevent access from kids and general persons within a home environment. It could never serve as an armored entry proof safe against the determined of course.


i agree entirely but its a good idea who in there right mind would look for a rifle or shotgun in the frigde @jeffing65


@jeffing65 I think the refrigerator gun safe is a great idea! First you do have an amount of fire protection and humidity control. It also gives you an element of concealment. As far as being as secure as a safe? With the exception of some of the high end commercial safes, most gun safes can be quickly opened with a grinder in mere moments!


@Johnksg Your right, most safes aren’t what people think they are.
I’ve seen small “safes???” that couldnt be even called good “not safes” LOL Pop door with any large, junk flat blade screwdriver or just throw it hard on the shop floor.
Safe Over! lol



Yep, there it is! And probably harbor freight grinder, disks, face shield and gloves. lol


you can only do so much and make it as akward as possible for anyone to break into it it also helps if it is alarmed seperately from house alarm


@hunter1916 that is true…problem is I have every tool a thief could possibly need hanging in my garage! :astonished:


@hunter1916 Impedes progress, and hopefully with other measures (I’m a big fan of the high voltage discharge capacitor myself) giving time for intervention. Can’t break in if it flames any equip you use, once. Screwed without more equip. assuming you were isolated from the voltage discharge and can continue to begin with.
Otherwise it’s best use and value is as a temp/humidity controlled, fire/explosion proof, secure-able lock box.


@Johnksg same here but garage is not part of house i have 4 safes in 3 differant locations in tight spaces and alarmed with motion sensors and have to be turned off from inside the safe which means every time i even go to open them it goes off a bit of nusince i know but worth it, there powered from inside the safe


@Johnksg lol I do too, and a couple of most.


an alarm is only as good as a good neighbour if your not at home though


How much ammo onhand? Not nearly enough by a long shot.


@KM55 I can NEVER keep up with 9mm and shotgun shells! Between PCC and sporting clay shooters in the family they run me into the poorhouse trying to keep 'em stocked up! :astonished:


I set a minimum number of 1500 rds of 9mm. I am right at that number. Time to hit the Walmart to pick up a couple of boxes for Sunday. I don’t want to get below that number.same with other rds. I have my minimum # and won’t go below that if at all possible.


@KM55 takes about 4-6 weeks to run through 1000 rounds of both 9mm and #8 shot shells. I try to keep a month or so ahead but is a constant battle! :angry:


20,314 rounds…

About 4,800 in rimfire. 1,200 in .30-06. 525 in .380. 1,100 in .40. About 800 in .45. About 1,500 in 5.56mm. Between 1,200 and 1,800 of each of my four main Russian calibers (7.62x39, 7.62x54, 7.62 Tokarev, and 7.62 Nagant). 500 7.62 NATO, and 200 .308. And just shy of 2,100 rounds of 9mm.

The AmmoBase iPhone app really helps me keep track of what I got, how much I paid for it (even broken down to per round), and which box I have whatever in (Cabela’s ammo boxes… 14 of them). It even allows me to keep track of range sessions. If you go through a lot, and want to be on the lookout for good deals, definitely a nice reference. I’ll stick with it until I get the space to do a nice reloading setup/gun room.


@Screwball they have an app for that?


I just use laminated sheets and whiteboard marker…


@Screwball @Johnksg I just use a simple Excel spreadsheet . Could probably use my fingers , don’t have near as much as you guys. :scream: