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How Much Ammo On Hand?


@jeffing65 I normally do not wade into these types of posts but I admire your spirit and commitment.

The truth is a gun fight is an ugly thing. Its not like the movies, good guys and bad guys alike get hurt. Your pulse pounds in your ears like a freight train and you simply stop thinking as your heart beats out of your chest.

Its all raw instinct, muscle memory, and afterwards you cannot even explain what happened.

I would not wish it upon anyone!

I agree 100% with your post…you simply do the best you can!



I would normally not either but if an honest answer is genuinely requested, then if not I, who? Must bear that answers burden.

My response is not without due thought and consideration, or without due respect to the finality and irreversible consequences of those kind of actions. ( I shudder at the possibility, have infinite respect for the courage and strength of those ( You all know who you are and include you John) that have lived through and persevered in the face of such terrible times.
You make such an important point about the reality of such things that I feel I must make certain to say to any who may read this.
I make these statements as I said, “If the final solution has come and stands at my doorstep”.
I intend no Bravado or imply any glory or romance in the killing, and suffering of war.

Should we not hope to have opportunity of spending a night with someone, instead of only being able to read their name upon a memorial wall?

For me, if the end were truly at hand, the only saving grace in any of it would be to stand and fight.
Not for me, but for those I believe in. For the families loved by the ones I believe in. For your son, John. For the recent newborn children and grandchildren of our very own members.
God forbid that ever coming true, but if so I would consider the cost of my life a bargain, to give them the future and good life I have been allowed.

I find nothing bittersweet in that.

May my spirit have the strength, and my heart have the courage, to not fail if I ever see such times.


@jeffing65 First, I really was not directing that at you! You strike me as a reasoned and well thinking fellow…your reply only reinforces my belief!!

Second, I run into this sort of thinking all of the time at the range and in classes I am involved with. I do not tell “my story” can’t get through it without to many feelings, emotions, and tears. I do try to convey that it is an experience you don’t want to have and can never fully prepare for!

Its the part that comes after the adrenaline rush of combat that is the most difficult. And at the same time when you are the most vulnerable to a critical mistake when the police arrive and you are facing possible prosecution.

But I still carry a weapon, just like I suspect many of my brothers do, and for the same reasons.

But I hope none here have to use one! :worried:


As do I. Chambered and with full mag.

@Johnksg I knew none was directed at me.
Your statement is no less valid though. Killing and causing suffering is not merely unpleasant business. It is a life altering, life ending business with irreversible and irreparable results that expand in every direction and which has no redeeming qualities of any kind…

After reading this again I thought I should add that I, gratefully, have never had to face that situation.
In my life, of the serious interactions and physical confrontations I have had, I have never pulled my weapon and most all of them had no idea i was armed.
The one exception being a desert encounter at a cattle guard while hunting. My hunting buddy and I were standing outside my Jeep getting ready to start walking when 3 over-beer-ed kids came driving up and decided they were going to chase us away from hunting there.
Unfortunately they had all jumped out of their pu, acting like puffed up poison toads, to confront sufficiently armed guys with guns in hand. They were persuaded to drive on.
Did go to show how something can go south though.



@Flogrown hahahaha…thats priceless hahahahaha: :+1:


@jeffing65 You know my family and close friends often talk about things like this. Everyone has a story about how things might have gone south except that they were armed.

Thankfully that has never come to pass.

One of our areas of concern is legislation that restricts the rights of gun owners, and what will we do if it ever happens. (Wife and I keep talking about moving to Idaho!)

Having a large family firearms collection and large stockpiles of ammunition makes you wonder what will happen if we ever lose that freedom?


@Johnksg how right you are, but I will not stand by and watch my rights and or guns taken from me. That would mean that everything our forefathers fought for was for nothing. Instead of trying to redefine the term assualt weapons they need to scrap it cause there is no such thing.


@Flogrown I agree, but the thing I struggle with is how? At what point to I risk everything and family for this?

Even family who are LEOs worry about this.

Politically we are over a barrel. As the populations and the cities grow larger and the rural countryside loses any sway in elections this becomes a reality.

We already have seen it, and I worry there is more to come?

I am a stubborn old man though…so until that day comes I will just keep storing ammo, shooting, and voting! :grin:


@Johnksg I think about this scenario all the time. The government sending people out disarm the public. I don’t have any firearms registered to me. What will it look like where do they start? It’s hard to try to paint a picture of the process


@Flogrown I don’t even think they will have to do that.

What if they freeze your assets, revoke your licenses, send CPS to take custody of your kids?

How many folks would comply?

Not so long ago us veterans faced the possibility of being denied purchase of a weapon simply if we had a fiduciary handling our funds under the previous administration.

Its a modern world, very few of us have the ability to be self sustaining and exist outside of society.


@Johnksg very good point. I can definitely see these tactics being used by the government. They try that with me and it will definitely be a blaze of glory situation for me. Take that to the bank


@Flogrown Captain Moonlight! @hunter1916 will probably know what that means?

But when you get older, have small children, and grandbabies looking for you to be there for them that “blaze of glory” gets harder to contemplate!


@Johnksg The Irish bushranger just looked him up lol


While i see where your coming from as far as contemplating the whole blaze of glory thing, what makes me think is the fact that if we do nothing what kind of future are we going to leave our kids? Grandkids? Great grandkids? Without the 2nd there is no other and at that point we are servants! Not happening here!


@d.kaufman2154 I agree. :disappointed:


@Johnksg Following up on @Turmeric1 's points, there is no such thing as concrete that does not leak. You should waterproof the interior as he noted, including the walls, with provision for moisture that does penetrate to find its way to a drain with ample pitch. There are channeled products made for that purpose. The ventilation should include a dehumidifier that also discharges to the drain.


As long as i have primers, powder, and bullets, unlimited. lol


waterproof the outside first with a waterproof 1st coat render,and then 2nd coat render and if painting polybond the walls first and no harm to polybond the walls on inside


Something I came across earlier.