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How Much Ammo On Hand?


I gave up count, a lot, and a lot more to be made if I get my butt in gear.


Just did an inventory. After some BF purchases, still rookie numbers.

.40: 250 rounds (Sub has eaten them up)
.45: 400 rounds
.300BLK: 750 rounds
9mm: 1200 rounds
.22lr: 2500 rounds

Plus some .22mag for carry, and a modicum of 9mm, .40, and .45 defensive loads, just enough for a few mags and such.


i have been looking at available ammo options for my cz52 7.62x25. Does anyone have any exp. with this caliber? What is anyone’s experience with this or any other caliber of old military surplus ammo in general?


@jeffing65 I’m your huckleberry!

What did you want to know?


7.62 x 25 is a common Eastern European ammo caliber, try using Ammo seek to find it, classic arms frequently has it as well. From what I have read it performs well. This link will take you to Teppu Jitsu, these are the folks that helped design the .458 SOCOM Platform, they also have a good article under “products” on the Tokarev 7.62 x 25mm, they even built an AR that shoots normal rounds and a suppressed version. Link: http://www.teppojutsu.com/


@Johnksg I don’t like steel case ammo at all. I have been reading about some of the problems of the old surplus. Hard primers causing a 20% miss fire on first hit of primer. Cracking of casings, including brass, on first fire. That sort of thing. Just looking for your overall take on the pros and cons.


@jeffing65 it was developed by the Russians out of the old 7.63 Mauser round because the were big buyers of the C96 prior to WW1, they refined it into the 7.62x25 Tokarev and used it in a variety of pistols and submachine guns such as the Bison and ppsh.

It is a hot cartridge can develop anywhere from 1,300 to 1,800 fps depending upon the weapon. (It is also adept at penetrating level IIA body armor & Kevlar helmets)

Its a bottleneck round of course with primary options being brass or lacquer steel cases.

Overall I would say it had its day…does not give you anything that a modern 9mm can provide. But in its time it was a nifty lil barn burner!

P.S. Most of the ammo out there is surplus Chinese and Pakistani stuff, occasionally you can come across some real old rounds that have corrosive primers.


@jeffing65 I think the “hard primer” issue you asked about is a result of old guns with worn firing pins.

In their day they were known to be reliable.

The other issue is that the few countries that still use them (such as China for their police) are doing so because they had HUGE stockpiles of ammunition…that ammo is getting pretty “long in the tooth” as well.


@Johnksg Yeah, that’s pretty much the sum of what I know for the most part. Although it offers nothing over a modern 9mm as you said, I have it. It’s in excellent condition and I do like it. (We all know my love for the old guns) Since I have it, with a good cache of ammo, it should still be a good solid firearm as a SHTF, backup, or just to shoot, etc. After all, it is paid for and doesn’t eat hay.
It’s the value or not of buying bulk surplus I’m leery of. Not worth it if the ammo shoots lousy or is unreliable. Better to spend the money wisely if I can. Beats trial and error.

And I agree about the weak firing pin.


@jeffing65 as you know I value the history of old guns. I would not consider a Tokarev in my pocket with quality ammo as being “poorly armed!”

Would I buy one for my kids…nope!

Parts and quality ammo will just get harder to find and more expensive as time goes on.

But since you have it, have ammo, use it as a fun shooter and a backup. :+1:

They really were neat little guns, nifty in so many ways, and have “set the table” for the modern 9mm and .380s that we all carry today! :two_hearts:

Modern manufactured ammo can be had, but it will go up in cost as not a “mainstream caliber”.


@jeffing65 if you buy old lots of ammo beware of corrosive primers…I had a bunch of Turkish stuff that was just UGLY!


@Johnksg I wouldn’t feel poorly armed either. Given it’s quality condition, with the exception of the brittle firing pin, I would trust it to be reliable when required. I would prefer to invest in the ammo, and a few extra parts now. That would seem the logical choice if there is a choice.


@jeffing65 honestly if it hadn’t been for NATO they would still be making those lil pistols today!

Enjoy it my brother :grin:


oh yeah, I know to avoid that stuff.


guns and ammo are like princesses and frogs ya have to keep kissing them till you find your prince the ammo your gun likes may not necessarily suit somebody elses same gun trial and error


@godallmighty, I am sure that the RIGHT answer for ammo on hand is NEVER ENOUGH… The answer for FIREARMS would be the same!!! However, if I rephrase a question as to “How many guns should be on hand and ready, one would find the numbers declining?” How many have the CONFIDENCE of their safe rooms when it comes to the END of society as one will know it? I guess it will all depend on how one’s associated SITUATION plays out??? One will just have to put his/her faith strictly in CREATOR’S HANDS!!!


I think the Yugo’s are still making them! Damn classic is selling Tokarev’s all the time, in either 7.62 x 25 or in 9mm.


@jeffing65, aka The Nylon Avenger,
This place usually has some choices for 7.62x25 ammo. I do lots of business with them and have always been happy with their service.


@Texprep Ah, cool. Thanks! :+1::+1:
I think that is maybe the site I initially went to, when taking a first look at what was readily available.
I will check them out.


@lonewolf If the final solution has come to my door step, my answer “How Many”? and “Ready” would be “all” available to me and any allies present.
My safe room is the entire “Idaho High Desert”. I have complete and entire faith in Her. As long as there is someone and something I believe is worth defending, I will hold the line, as long as I can.
If a creator exists and cares to look down upon my plight, he or she will intervene if that’s its desire, regardless of my faith or lack thereof.
Otherwise I will consider no intervention to mean, I have Omnipotent power and decision over my immediate situation and local environment. And with that authority I will continue to defend, hold the line, or take any other action I am capable of and see fit.