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How Much Ammo On Hand?


Still not enough but I did add 1500 rounds of 357 mag last night.


They can take our guns , we have sticks and stones
They can take away our ammo We have compound bows
Further more we will arm ourselves
From those who fall
Think before one treads on me
I am a better friend than an enemy

Mcarbo world


Vacuum in bulk 25/50/or 100 rounds It takes less room & no moisture with the cardboard.


Me and my son both practice archery with high powered compound bows his 50 metre grouping he was 9 when this pic was taken he is now 12 and is lethal at 100 metres.

Now his 100 metre grouping. It is our responsibility to prepare our children and equip them with all the survival skills that we can


@Johnksg I like that idea a lot. :+1:



Got me thinking again with this post… I’ve tried to prioritize but… Total weight of all ammo I’ve got at home is > 600lbs. Reload stuff, at least another 200 lbs. Know that as everything is spreadsheeted to help with purchasing and tracking rounds per gun (more or less), calories… Don’t have even close to 10k rounds/gun. Maybe 1/3 of number of rounds are 22 lr. I don’t feel I’ve got enough ammo or LTS food.

You just can’t do all this at once, or at least I can’t. I’m close to retirement so have to move all this stuff. We’ve started to prestage some stuff at our retirement place in E Tenn but there’s too much ammo to put in the safe and we’re there only a few times/year.

We’re focused right now on water security upgrades via rain water capture and a couple springs that more or less run depending on time of the year. Our well is pretty deep (500 ft), too deep for a simple pump. We’ve got good backup generator power (10kw) but limited by propane tank size.

I’ve got two brothers who get it though, and the third is getting there. One lives on the property and another is building, so that helps with the planning.

Pretty interesting problem trying to do this stuff intelligently with 3 kids in college while staying married.


Oh I get it! It’s stupid expensive and it’s heavy. My water issue isn’t tough for me, living on a clean fresh water lake I can always boil if I need too. I have been thinking about capturing water recently though.


@Superjet119 ammo is expensive, but it will only get more costly with time! Properly stored there is little degradation in performance over a very long period of time.

My wife and I look at it as an investment.

Weight and space are the most difficult issues for me!


I agree, stored properly it can last a very long time, and probably outlast us. I recall shooting military surplus ammo from WW2 and Korea. Never had a problem.


@Dane I have chrono’d some of my older Federal GM308 (12 years old) versus my new GM308 and found basically no difference at all (less than 6fps in avg velocity).

I have shot WW2 ammo as well with no issues whatsoever.

The biggest factors in degrading ammunition is heat and humidity. If you can control those then the shelf life is near indefinite.

Wife says “ammo is like toilet paper…you know you will need it and it only gets more expensive!”


I highly reccomend this book. Even with my extensive military and law enforcement background it seriously changed the way I looked at being “prepared” forever. The best part is it talks all about Western NC where I live.
Buy .22 ammo.:wink:


Be careful, your hooked now. That was the first post apocalyptic book I listened to on audobook. Since that one I’ve probably listened to 75-100 more. A couple other good series of books are 299 Days by Glenn Tate and the Going Home series by A. American.


I have the series now and they all make you think but none as much as the first. I had to buy “ONE SECOND AFTER” 3 times. When I finished it the first time, I gave it to a friend and ask him to do the same. I lost track of it at the fifth reader. I did the same for the second and lost it at the third… The third copy, I’m keeping.


Bill, I agree with you. The first book is the best. Buy .22 ammo :+1: As mentioned living right here in the “boondocks” of the Western NC foothills brought it home for me. Now living on a 1700 acre lake, at least we have fresh water if the SHTF. :wink:


I can honestly say that I’m good on 22LR and 12 Guage, acceptable on 223/556. Time to continue on 357, 308, 30-06, 30-30 and 45/70. Then, I’ll go back to working on 223.


My levels of 22lr are great as well now. I had just ordered 5k rounds when a place had Remington tbolts for $12.99 a brick.Came out to $131 shipped. Just over 2 cents per round. Good enough for plinking especially with the way my 8 year old daughter flies thru them at the range. Also just bought 5k of cci blazer and 5k of cci sv. Prices have been so phenomenal on 22lr, and lots of other calibers, I’ve been going crazy buying. Im now over 30k on 22lrs but might just buy another 5-10k because of the prices. I really dont see it going much cheaper


Like a bunch of the people posting here, I’m stocking up on 22 ammo. Good deals all over the place.

My 1st gun, 40 some years ago, was a beautiful little 22 semiauto breakdown Browning carbine. Feeds through the stock and (still) shoots everything. Two newest are the bolt action CZ455 American and a SW target pistol, the SW Victory. The CZ is a tack driver with the right ammo. Just loves subsonic stuff. It’s pretty much all I’m buying now. The CCI Standard Velocity stuff is pretty cheap, pretty good target ammo, and the CCI subsonic 22 HP (1050 ft/sec) seems to group pretty well at 50 yds. Haven’t figured out the SW yet. Some days you just shoot better than other days plus I tend to shoot handguns better early in a range session. Too many moving parts.


@Dumasor my big item to stock up on is the ammo cans of buckshot and slugs…just can’t seem to keep enough of that on hand!


Never ever enough on hand.


@Patriot1 You are so correct! Especially when you have family members whom are oh so willing to shoot it up for you!:triumph:

I just try to tell myself that it is a good problem to have?