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How Much Ammo On Hand?


Just curious. How much SHTF ammo do you have on hand. I have about 2500 rounds of 9MM and 2000 rounds of assorted .223 and 5.56 and about 100 rounds of 38 super. :crossed_fingers:


Hmmm … I’m not ready!

Holding about 10lb of smokeless powder, 10k assorted primers and a cabinet full of sorted brass and several buckets of unsorted. By 2020 I’ll have a couple hundred pounds of lead and the means to make bullets.

I don’t load 9mm or 22lr so I’m sitting on >1000 HST and Gold Dot 147s plus another grand of 9mm FMJ. Add something north of 5k assorted 22lr/l/s.

Like they said down the road in Gonzalez … come and take it.


5k of . 22lr
600 rounds of various 12ga
1k of 9mm
500 rounds of. 380 ACP
500 rounds of. 40 S&W

But it’s never enough ammo lol
Good question @godallmighty


I like to keep 1k per caliber(most i have closer to 2k) loaded ammo with the exception of 22lr which i like to have between 7-10k. I also have enough supplies to load 2k of every caliber i own with the exception of 22lr and shotshells.


@godallmighty I don’t have enough. Only 100 rounds of 12 gauge and 300 rounds of 9mm


i’ve been selectively acquiring calibers in good, known lots, both reman and factory - i’ve standardized on small caliber (.22, .32, .380, 9mm, .38spl) - doesn’t take up a lot of space

of course, it’s a drop in the bucket to an insane buddy of mine, a retired parole officer, who has six safes and 450K of high-caliber rounds stashed away

i just like stuff that works - that’s why i got so ticked off at Federal (Vista) and Cabelas on a bulk .22 purchase - the lot turned out to have 20 percent over-charges, under-charges (squibs) and duds… when i attempted to contact Vista for warranty service i was blown off - twice (thought i was doing the company a favor by reporting a bad lot) - and when i posted a negative review of the ammo on the Cabelas web site (as a registered user) with pics of the squibs, Cabelas censored the review!

needless to say, i don’t buy from Cabelas any more (shame as it used to be a good company years ago)… and i won’t buy Federal bulk anymore…

i subsequently found out that Vista’s reaction is not unique - ran into a guy who was blocked from calling them after complaining so much about attempting to get warranty service

on the ‘i vote with my dollars’ Gulf of Mexico


I can’t imagine any answer other than “not enough” to be the correct reply! :rofl:



normally, 2000 rounds loaded for each calibre.,( 45/70,300 win mag, 458 win mag and 32/20 took me a while ,expense for even reload like i do for em now) 7.62,.556,9mm and 9mm mak,44mag, built up quick, but i reload for. 6mm i reload all. no commercial loads bought.

I keep components to load a additional 1000 round on hand.


I have no idea.

.45 ACP
12 guage
7.62 x 39
.22 rifle

I couldn’t count and I wouldn’t want to count.

I’m not that organized.



@Phoenix I think I’m organized but I don’t know (never enough) and wouldn’t want to count either:



6 to 8 here 000 !! :wink: I think I’m Ready’ That’s why I love Ammo Supply WhareHouse in PanRum Nevada Great People and Service to AK, Back when you could not find some of the Calipers !


It’s never enough in any caliber…ever…

I shoot a box of whatver (even an ammo can full) and I have to buy two more.


Not enough. There is always a need for more. I have very limited supply of ammo for defense. The only caliber I feel that I have enough of is 22lr around 15,000 rds.


I keep three 30-round magazines and two 40-round magazines loaded for my AK-47 rifle if that’s any indication.


Had to dig it out.
350rds 124gr JHP for social purposes, mostly in big sticks;1000rds FMJ for target, which I’m shopping for more.
.357 Magnum/.38 Spl:
200rds 158gr JHP for, like I said, socializing; 500rds in .38 so my wife will shoot it. (Once I stuck a full load .357 round in with the 38s in my little 5 shot Model 640 and…BAWOOOM! Oh she was torqued off💥)
100rds RBCD. Really fun stuff on water jugs n watermelons😁
12 Gauge Shotgun:
25rds Zombie Killer
10rds Slugs


I keep a pretty organized inventory…

GM308M2 - 1,260 rds.
GM308 - 280 rds
7.62x51 149gr - 1,660 rds.
7.62x39 - 1370 rds.
5.56x45 - 2,450 rds.
9mm - 2,250 rds.
12ga. - 1,472 rds.
.22lr - 4,700 rds.

And that is just my primary, defensive shtf ammunition. There is a great benefit in stockpiled and properly stored ammunition. For one I sailed through the entire ammo shortage years without missing a beat or reducing my range time. It also allows me to avoid panic prices, buy in bulk, get the best deal.

All told I have nearly, 20k of loaded ammo and the reloading components for about twice that.

The only calibers that I can never keep enough of is 9mm and shotgun, due to competitions. (We go through a 1,000 rounds of each every other month!)


And that is just one stack! Lol

But seriously, properly stored ammunition is vital in my opinion. It allows you to save $$ and ride out any shortages.


I have a fair amount in each caliber that I own a firearm in, but I am always looking for deals!!


However much anyone has, now is a good time to stock a little more up before the next round of panic buying hits.

For example, I like to keep a baseline min of 1,500 rounds of 9mm range fodder. On top of that I shoot about 500 rounds a month. When the next run on ammo hits it will likely take a year for prices and availability to settle down again. So putting up an extra 5-6k rounds would tide me over through the price hike time with no decrease in range time.


Look at target sports…I used to deal with palmetto arms, but I get much better deals from target sports on bulk orders!:grin: