How Many Of You Ride Bikes? (Not The Kind With Pedals)


@GOBLIN My TT was stolen in the first year I had it. Got a 72 Superglide Evil edition. It was an ankle buster, oil leaker and a electrical problem child. Put it away for a few year’s and raced 70 K1 750 with an 888 kit and Yoshimura trans. Sold the SG in 98 for 10x’s what I paid for it in 72. I was riding through the next neighborhood the other day and a guy was putting out a girl’s bicycle for free I stopped to get it for my daughter in-law. we talked he took me in his garage and showed me a 68 TR6R, original 12k miles. He wants to sell it to finish a basket case 66 Bonneville. He hasn’t set the $ yet but thinking between $4-6k.



lets see, 68 tiger, still the good years, oil tank instead of that oil in the frame garbage(dont like OIF have welded up to many of the frames over the years, well foundry brazed em LOL)
Let me know if you dont get the TR. know someone looking for a tiger…



@goblin will do. I’m thinking about it for the little woman. She sold her electra glide to buy a boat a few year’s back.



I rode a Police Motorcycle for 17 of my 20 year career. I still love riding. This is what I’ve ridden since my retirement. Yamaha Stratoliner 1900ccimage



@Cuervo welcome to the forum jerry lovely ride ya have there



Thank you Sir, nice meeting you. Sort’of. Do you ride?



not at moment can only afford the car at moment just about but ive had my share of bikes started off on a mopehead would run on the smell of gas worse thing i did was sell it great run around