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How Many Of You Ride Bikes? (Not The Kind With Pedals)


@Squidder_K, Awesome investment in time and resources! A ‘proud’ owner needs to be reassured of his/her accomplishments! This is why it is so important to be able to share it with the ‘right’ partner? If they turn out to be a piece of $H!+, then it better be the PERFECT community? Big smiles!



Not much of a road bike person but love my dirt squirters really enjoy riding with my kids in the bush on the farm and on a track.


hqdefault kids having a drag race daughter is on crf 150rb and my son is on the crf 250r at the back


@Craig75. I wish that I could share in the joys of riding one of these ‘dirt devils’ again. Just enjoying these pictures gives me one of those ‘urges’ again? Big smiles!


Just dropping this here so you folks shoveling snow know that we got better things do’n on the Texas Gulf Coast.


@Dred Have fun on that MC ride today, be safe. Looks like 60 degrees and partly sunny at 11am (KSU).


A little biker style love and joy.

The Riders Landing … five plus minutes of bikes landing after crossing 2 cities with a police escort if you can see facebook

Registration opens as temperatures peek into the 40s …

My brother LEFT lands at the start …

Temps kindly peek into the 50s and we gather …

And, Gypsy Rudolf delivers Gypsy Santa who brought the joy …


keep up the good work @Dred


2008 Fatboy here not much time to ride lately


never enough time, you have to make time for decent “wind therapy” leave the watch and the gps (aand those damn cell phones) at home, and ride till a couple 3 tanks of gas are done…


@dred is that you in the Rasta hat brother?


Caught! I’m actually in all the pics I shared. I’m on the left most bike behind Santa under a balaclava. The CMA Pres, Troy, does a lot of photo documenting and these were picked from a larger set.


Lots of great Bikes in this thread, even a ski with an engine? IDK how that works @Carpenter01 ?

I love the big wheel and 3 wheel ATV’s

But someone needs to represent the Geezers Gliders



I am sure that I will again, REPRESENT someday? With all those ‘toys’ out there one better win the lottery??? Big smiles!


Been riding for 40yrs, 38 of those with the Blue Knights LEMC, and am on my 9th Harley Ultra Classic. Nothing better for the long haul rides.


I know a former BK and he rides a BMW every year from SWFL to Sturgis, somehow the Dark side seduced him

Mines going in for rubber shortly, something about bald tires seems sketchy to me :thinking:


thinkin maybe of going to a geezer glide, when i hit my 80s…:smiling_imp:
speaking of that, still have some titanium saddlebag corner pucks, for knee draggin a glide, leaves that multi-color shower of sparks, when you get down past the safety “chicken strip” on yer tire…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


hey lads your making me bike hungry and can’t afford one right now i always regret selling my bike but sometimes ya have no choice ,def, someday in future two weels will be sitting outside my front door just can’t say when:motorcycle::motorcycle::motorcycle::hearts::hearts::hearts:


Me on my 1st street almost legal T120TT. Retired flat tracker. Currently on 03 Roadglide. 54 year’s on 2 wheels.


@Roadglide my first was a 1950 model Greeves 500 single, i put together out of 4 milkcrates, still have a TR250, a BSA 441V and restoring a AREL 650 twin CYCLONE love the old brits…
My old girl is My 75 Shovelhead though. everything else may come and go but the shovel stays…