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How Many Of You Ride Bikes? (Not The Kind With Pedals)


Believe it or not that is a 132cc 2 stroke motor on that thing


@Carpenter01 Thanks for sharing the pictures and information . See I told you using the forum was going to be easy :grin:


Wow @Carpenter01 awesome collection!! We had a Heathkit Bonnie Bike growing up, and my cousin had two red Honda 3wheelers like yours up at their cottage. We rode them things. Had a fair collection of minibikes until recently, but just down to one Lil Indian.


That is gorgeous! I had one the maroon/burgundy color. I got it for my birthday, in 1972 .
It was used so it would have been about the same year. Great bike!!!.:birthday:motorcycle::


anyone actively collect H/D shirts from bike shops across the country?
Picked this up in a thrift shop today. Really sharp and never worn.


I had an 06’ Harley SuperGlide. I had an oil leak at one of the jugs. I wound up needing a crank. I was working as a service writer at Chesapeak Harley at the time. I ended up going to a 95 Rebuild Kit, and replacing my cam with a 204. It dyno’d at 95 HP and 92 ft/lb Torque. I had ‘old school’ black wrapped shorty exhaust, engine repainted black and sundowner saddle with bags.

The company was downsizing and I ended up losing my job. I could not handle the payments and I ended up giving the bike back on 9/11/09… Talking about 911 still coming back to haunt one???


just picked this up on a gimmie, 09 Buell 1125R. 146 HP,(dyno’d at 152) 79.5 FT LB torque, changed the can, added a chip and popped out 182MPH that rotax Helicon engin sure aint my old shovelhead, but for a mistress, she does roll on fast and hard. dont know if i will keep or flip, but fun for right now…


@GOBLIN. I took my motorcycle road test on the school’s provided Buel Blast. I had thought that the ride would be uncomfortable but I actually enjoyed the comfort and found the handling to be phenomenal. I cannot speak for a passenger, but I don’t believe that the bike was designed for one in mind? lol


thats some brake disc [front] nearly the size of the wheel would a double smaller discs not be better


yea, lonewolf, the catbird seat for the passenger would be for the younger and limber, my chances with finding one of those? slim to none, emphasis on none…LOL

hunter, theory of perimeter braking, more disc area equals less warping on a hard stop, with a 6 piston brimbo brake this one will stand on its nose, the older CBR 929/954s had dual 13.5 rotors, were famous for warping out to the tune of $350 a disc after a hard stop. these, not so much.


fair enough i did’nt know that thanks for that info , are they the original for that bike or did you modify


@hunter1916 They are original to that bike.


daves right, original, seen em on earlier lightnings, and even on the 900 city thunderbolts as well. would love to take the 1125 to Isle of Mann, see how it would launch on the bridge…


2002 Road King and a 1999 Softail aka VLH

The first Pic is replica of the Tank from a 1933 Harley VLH, You can see how I was inspired by this design. The next pics were of the shop putting all together. It came out great. Has a very antique sound to it with the 2 into 1 exhaust and vintage fishtail exhaust pipe. The vast majority of this bike came off of Ebay parts lots I bought back in the early 2000’s. Parts were dirt cheap, and I would buy them, take what I needed and sell the rest to buy another lot.


Nice looking ‘scoot.’ Bet it was a lot of fun to build/should I say rebuild? I had an ‘accident’ that caused my shifter to pierce my side cover~ My projects began from there and got real expensive! LOL


Current bike is a 2011 Triumph Scrambler, my wife rides a 2017 BMW F700.
I have been a MSF motorcycle rider coach for over 10 years now, it is inspiring to take someone who has never ridden before (best kind of student) and in a weekend have them up to a level to pass their written and riding evaluations.


Sorry to hear about the accident. Yeah building that was a very long, long term project. Started collecting parts in 2000, bike was finished this year, in between those years was a deployment, school, a couple of jobs, a couple of moves, and three Road Kings.


Quite a ‘few’ hurdles in your life! Glad you had a lot of motivation and perserverence! Nice work, my friend!


When I read the USMC was switching over to a HK manufactured M27, I just had to have one
Unfortunatly, I didn’t have $5K
so I built my own clone
Black Hole Weapons 16"HBAR/5,56mm
Adams Arms piston drive
authentic HK buttstock
Geissele trigger
KA USMC iron sights
EOTech Holographic sight
Larue QD biopod
Vortex muzzle device
one can shoot a 30 rnd mag, then drop the bolt into your hand without discomfort
M27-4 P1030810 P1030813 P1030908 P1030941 P1030944


@lonewolf, the biggest PITA in building that bike was getting the Panhead flexible exhaust heat shield on. Front cylinder was easy, second one, tried everything I could think of, but it would not make the bend, so I cut the pipe, put ti together and had it welded back together. Finding a painter who could do the tank correctly, was challenging, as a lot of people have tried this before and never get it right. The 1933 had longer tanks (oil in one and gas in the other) so scaling the image so it didn’t look smusched on there. I got lucky and got a really good painter. The pain itself was also a challenge, I found a guy in NH who mixes the paints for restoration. The silver is 1933 color, and the green is not 1933 (that year green color was a fugly turquoise Green ), so I went with a 1936 forest green, I think it came out really good.