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How Many Of You Ride Bikes? (Not The Kind With Pedals)


Last one i did, converted the drive asnd used a KFX 4 wheeler rearend. make sure you get brake hub and all…


Does it matter if I get a rear end off of a cheapo atv? Or maybe totalled or junked atv?


Let me see what ive got dead/abandoned at the shop. i have several dead ones… see what i got that will be the easiest…Goblin


right there with you. I love the Honda too. I still would like to find a nice older xl 600


Omnivious got a complete KFX in the weeds, gutted motor. everything else is there.


This here is “MSTR1S”…she is my 2013 Road King with many mods. Currently, she is at a Stage 2 status.



Than is one fine ride! R S



Thank you RodSlinger!..she runs strong too!


@Omnivious nice ride


I want a can am Spyder f3


i had one of these[600cbr] ive had many bikes in past none at moment had to sell my last one last year finachial reasons that gs650 bmw, ive had a couple of 750s yamaha xjs, honda cbx 750 and a few other smaller bikes im looking at the honda deauville 700 when i can afford to buy again there suppose to be a nice tourer and get around bike


@hunter1916 I really liked riding that older CBR600F2 when I was working on it, it is way more comfortable than the newer sport bikes. That Honda Deauville looks like a good all around bike, has a nice fairing for longer trips.


yeah nice fairing plus adjustable windshield and for cold and wet places like here in ireland the heated grips are a godsend.and i prefare the shaft drive to no oiling or tensioning chain i have sat on one there quite comfortable


Hope that picture load works. I have owned a few toys and parted with a few over the years. Always looking for something fun and unique.


First one is an '81 Chrysler SnoRunner stock. This is a '72 Suzuki RV90, street legal, 2 stroke stock except color.


'85 Honda 350X, the Beast. Sold this summer. Very sad but time for someone else to enjoy her.


@Carpenter01 OK I give up, what does the little thing that looks like a tiny motor do? I have played in the snow most of my life and have never seen one of what ever this is.


1969 Honda CT70 Silver Tag. Pre production run. Number 5655 off the production floor. They made that bike until '93 and that one was made in the first 18 months. Only thing I replaced were the two big decals.


I have more but I will stop there. Glad to be part of all of this. God bless America


That’s a snowmobile. Not entirely uncommon but not a lot of them either. Made by a struggling Chrysler motor Corp. This did not help them. That is a snowmobile. Imagine a bicycle turned snowmobile.