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How Many Of You Ride Bikes? (Not The Kind With Pedals)


Yea, it is better in the mountains though, stays a bit cooler up there, the hummidity is the killer down here.


How do you guys carry when your on your bikes? I was thinking about making some sort of holding device for the sub2k, of course I have to get a bike first but I was gonna make a mock up on my buddy’s cbr600rr


Pisfol: Cross draw, OWB or Shoulder holster - the shoulder holster conceals well under my cur and adds 2 spare mags, bur I haven’t practiced mag swaps while riding and OWB is faster,

Rifle: Hard cases strapped on. Yes, one of my ranges does a bike night.

Sub 2000: depends how I’m packed but it is often in the top box when I’m running it or a saddlebag if I’m nor running the top box. But strapped on in my custom toolbox if I’m headed to the range.

I ride with a club, so I have serious concerns about weilding a firearm in my cut. So, my pistols have never left their holster while riding and I am much more tolerant of attempts on my life while carrying. Thankfully, the same cages that can rarely see me seem much more polite and observant when I open carry. I will admit to leaving my share of boot prints on drivers doors after cheating the death caused by cage pilot negligence when I’m not carrying. Heck, my gf has become an ace at landing her starbuckles vente latte’s squarely on windshields - a trick she taught herself :heart_eyes:.


First bike red ‘73 Lil Indian; last bike purple ‘69 Taco. Arrested development or something, never graduated to big bikes. I GPS’d the red one topped out 54mph, bout as fast as you wanna go on 6” wheels! No open carry these guys🤪


IMGA04841%20(1) Be riding for 56 years. First bike 1957 BSA basket case. My ride now is a 2009 Road King.


Here’s a pic of my most recent


031 built this one a year or to ago, scratch. TR250 worked up to 400cc,side draft mukuni 38mm,35 horse NOS boost.


Holy crap, I would kill myself on that thing


I used to have a ton of dirt bikes first Street bike was 78 gs 550 Suzuki put 50,000 miles on that bike then I built a Yamaha Sr 500 thumper I loved that bike stripped it down bare bones streched the swing arm about 1 1/2 inches just gave it a stance then built the motor up to 597 cc motor and a race cam it screamed to 9 grand on tach used to get asked what the hell it was now after all the back issues and surgery and having legs weakness I really hope to be able to ride again but I’d like to drive a can am Spyder think it we’ll be easier on my body I hope it what shot for in my recovery


I rode a can am once when I managed a dealership, I had to ride it for about 70 miles, it is nothing like 2 wheels and I think it was more taxing on my body than being on 2s, when you take turns at highway speeds, it feels like it’s going to fling you right off, all I would recommend is that you test ride before you put your money down.


I have test ridden one before I like new style ones not the first gen ones am going to a back rest style seat for driver and the foot break on can am controls all break they can now put back on handle bars


Because my right foot just not strong enough to to push foot brakes


Hey, anything that’ll get you back out there in to the open air is a good thing in my book, just wanted to warn you about the g forces at higher speeds👍


Jeff, I do a lot of conversions, lot of disabled brothers come back, and over the years ive (im disabled as well, got more metal inside me than most american made cars) learned how to adapt things to meet the challenges at hand to get them back in the wind. Brakes are easy, done a lot of conversions, add a magura master cylinder on the bar, remove rear master cylinder and pedal, run line from front master to a preportioning valve (adjustable to set the bias between front and rear I use one made by wildwood) then loop to a accumulator( holds extra fluid, equalizes pressure) then split the like or run single, depending how the trike is set up, to the rear calipers. I do a lot of those setups on wheelchair conversions, and add electric shift, with a ignition interrupter, everything is on hand control, nothing on foot control.

just remember, its never i cant, its always how can i adapt to it…


Can am makes the conversion already you can have foot brake or hand brake or both but it controls all three brakes as one I was thinking about Harley free wheeler but at 26 grand for base model no extras I can do tons to the Spyder don’t get me wrong I love Harleys but it’s more about money


I always carry concealed, typically a strong side Blackhawk Serpa. If you travel out of state or even out of your home territory, remember that carry laws can vary greatly, even between cities. Your license plate will identify where you are from and some areas may not recognize your civilian carry permit. I prefer not to advertise the fact I am armed. I like the tactical advantage of surprise.Even though I am a retired officer and HR-218 certified to carry in all 50 states, there are still areas, certain building and posted businesses that I can not carry a concealed weapon into. For those times it gets temporarily locked in the tour pack of my Harley.


build your own, trike kits range from 2800 to 4500 ,and up fancy as you wanna go. find a doner bike and cut,grind repeat as necessary. they arnt that difficult to install, and a lot cheaper than dealeship conversions. shaft drive trikes are ,well, i think more controllable on power, and less wear and tear on parts. smallest bike ive triked, older 800cc, biggest, in a boss hoss.


Can a little 125cc be triked? Like a Grom? Maybe the ruckus? I would like to take a ruckus and turn it in to a big wheel style trike, that would be fun


ruckus is easy . adapt a 4 wheeler rear end. cut a couple gussets, do a lil welding. any bike can be three wheeled. your top speed depends on the rear end chosen on a shaft drive, chain drive is easy, modify a sprocket.
on a older sabre (honda V4) I used a Chevy S10 rear end(disc), narrowed it, regeared it, and airbagged the rear suspension(air bag off of a range rover) some times the junkyard is a good place to look for parts…


I really want to turn a ruckus into a big wheel style trike, put some high bars on that thing and just cruise around town… What kind of 4 wheeler rear would you recommend? I really like that idea👍