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How Many Of You Ride Bikes? (Not The Kind With Pedals)


I am working on getting back on 2s, I totalled mine out last fall, no pun intended, because I only had water wetter and water as coolant and it got frosty one morning and I wanted to make sure the motor didn’t crack from the water wetter freezing over night and I hit some kind of slick patch as I was turning and down I went at about 5 mph, I had one scratch on me but the bike was totalled😭 hope to be back on 2s by fall 2018, maybe spring 2019

2013 Harley Road King
USMC M27 Semi Auto Clone

I’m a biker. I’ve survived 45 years in the saddle.

Primary scoot is a 2000 Valkyrie Interstate (Supervalk’d & darksided). You can still meet “The Nicest People on a Honda.”

My current inventory also includes: 1985 Yamaha Vmax, 2000 Triumph Tiger, 1970 Motoguzzi Ambassador, and a couple pull behind trailers.


Nice, my first bike was a 1988 radian, rode it until the engine blew up, now it’s a lawn ornament at my friend’s house, then I got a 2007 Honda interceptor, that vtec 4 was way top heavy, I totalled that one and got a Yamaha r6, great mountain Carver, probably the best bike for track or speedy, Twisties until I totalled it last fall, again no pun intended, I think my next one may be a tourer, maybe something like a tiger or a naked like a speed triple, if I could afford it, I’d like a BMW s1000 but that’s too rich for my blood.


I sold my Harley when I was moving out to Oregon, one of my biggest mistakes ever ( selling the bike, not moving) Looking to get a trike if I can find a good used one. Been riding since 1967, damn i’m getting old :sob:


Still riding a 75 shovelhead (kick only) as well as a older Ducati Monster.


Found a picture of my Honda


@GOBLIN My very first bike in High School was a 50cc Ducati.


my first bike, in second or third grade, was a honda 70 mini trials.
then Honda Cb 360t, Suzuki gs550, then bought a 72 or 73 Yamaha MX360 single cylinder in about 86 or so. in between there was a Honda Cb 360t, Suzuki gs550, 79 Suzuki rm125 with factory 6 speed. Yamaha 700 maxim X, and several honda 90 and 110 trail bikes. trail 90s with hi/lo still one of the greats IMO.


Never have but I’d like to. Not getting any younger. I just want something decent I can putz around on and learn.


I’m on my 9th Harley Ultra Classic, been riding for 40 yrs. I’m a member and Wis State Rep for the Blue Knights international LE MC. Just got back from our International convention held this year at Stone Mountain Georgia. It was a 1000 mile ride from Green Bay, Wis. With traffic and rain it took 22 hrs in 2 days of riding to get there. A little better coming back, only 18 hrs. Extra clothes weren’t the only thing I packed, I wore my Glock 27 for the whole trip.


@Dane, Did you get to do any scenic riding down here in GA? Blood mountain is a great ride, the blue ridge area has some good cruising roads high in the mountains, it has been quite a wet season this year so I’m kinda glad to not have a bike right now, 22 hrs in 2 days is quite impressive, the longest I did was a ride up to North Carolina highlands from Atlanta which ended up being about a 14 he ride through the mountains GA State patrol stopped us and said we were going too slow so they escorted us off the interstate, good times


My '16 H.D. Dyna Switchback …fresh from a very rare washing. My first H.D. after riding various metric bikes for 20+ yrs. Its a great ride. Big enough for a road trip, but nimble enough for around town or the twisty roads that are so prominent in my area.


My 2001 Yamaha Vmax 1200 V4


You can get you a starter bike for pretty cheap these days, get you a little used 300 for 1500 to 2k and you can “put around” all you want, all day on $10 worth of gas.


Unfortunately, my Honda SuperHawk 996 aka VTR1000F is currently in storage in Dallas and I’m in Phoenix.

It is very similar to this one.


This was my first bike, 1987 Yamaha SRX 250.


My first bike looked like this but black and it was in the process of getting turned into a cafe racer esque bike, headlights were changed to single round, and all the fairings were taken off and wires were tucked, I had some forks that were ready to go on and had the flat bars, it didn’t look too bad but I hadn’t really worked on the engine, probably should have… I had paid $800 for it so I got my money’s worth I think.


First bike (mine was bass boat blue):


And … first bike that never evaded the police:

Most missed (stolen from my front yard):

And, yes, I have a bit of a Honda problem. I’m alright with that and plenty of Hondas followed these.


@Dred I pulled this 1993 Honda CBR600F2 out of my brother-in-laws garage and fixed it up for his brother. It sat for 15 yrs. Has 3,300 mi. on it.


With temps in the mid to upper 90’s and humidity at 84% didn’t do a lot of riding while there. Did spend time around the pool consuming large quantities of cold beverages.