How many believe in "buy American"?

Heading out to my cabin in a bit, I haven’t been around much lately but I saw a posting from another site a while back about how we can’t trust the government to get us out of a recession. The author mentioned some study claimed that if each of us bought a couple items that were made in America each month we’d have a self sufficient economy. I don’t know if that’s true but I do know that I feel better when I can buy something made here! As far as the recession goes, I’m gonna leave the obvious out here and just say that it seems like one’s coming shortly. I’m going to list two places that I buy from on line when it comes to clothing and hopefully a bunch of you have some place you know of for home made stuff. The first is the All American Clothing store. They make jeans like Levi’s used to before they moved to Eastpackawhositstan. The other is Go Athletics out of Minnesota that makes cold weather gear every bit as good as Underarmour and competitively priced but made by people that don’t have to live in a sweat shop before they reach puberty. Well, I’m off to my woods to go plant trees. I know it sounds weird but I’m planting food to help the wildlife get healthier and draw them in so I can look at them in my old age then put a round into them and not have to drag ‘em too far. See ya’ later.


I try to buy American as often as possible, and support veteran owned business.(coughMCarbocough)
This site does help locate American/veteran owned business although there is a small membership.


I do believe in buying American, but with some caveats.

First off, I’ll get what I consider fallacies out of the way:

  1. Just because something is made in the USA is not an indicator of quality. Sorry, we make $hit here, too.
  2. Blaming China for cheap products sold here in the US is foolish.

The Chinese have the ability to produce any level of quality they desire (though I’m not suggesting they actually do), the key is that they aren’t being paid by certain American corporations to produce quality goods. We need to place the blame where it belongs, on those American corporations and not the Chinese. As much, we should be holding the scumbag politicos accountable who are not ensuring these companies are penalized for sidestepping the American workforce in order to increase their profit margins.

Ranting done, I do prefer products that are American made and of good quality, and gladly pay more for them. As to whether there’s any credence to the self-sufficient economy theory, it certainly can’t hurt to give it a go…

EDIT: An example from just yesterday. I’m not into knives in any big way, but feel a couple of good knives will do you well. I’ve been shopping for awhile now for some kind of EDC knife, even reviewing all of the knife thread posts here at the Brotherhood for ideas. I had a few finalists but ended up selecting a Kershaw Launch 4, in no small part because it has this on it…

…which isn’t there for looks. Seems some of their blades are foreign made but this little engraving indicates exactly what you might think it does. I could have purchased another of their knives for less, and maybe it would have served me well, but that knife was not US made. It was the deciding factor, not the price (the knife I purchased being about 3x the cost of the other).


I try to buy American when feasible, but sometimes the oversees version is superior. Most machine tools that are quality are Japanese, Israeli, or European.

As far as Chinese products go, we cannot use Chinese made steel in parts for our customers. They will be rejected upon them seeing the material certificates. We tried having our own material certification done on the same material and the certificates were very different……


Toyota has factories in the U.S…Ford had plants in Mexico. Most of the parts in both are probably made in China anyway. So what is American made anymore anyway? I buy what I can afford or for the quality that it is. I haven’t worried about what company makes it or where. Because those companies don’t care about me or you, just their bottom line.

Edit : And they won’t hesitate to lay off 1000 American workers to pay their one CEO all those wages saved.


Very interesting post. Thanks, I would to mention???
Over the past few years I have not bought anything made in China unless I unknowing have or no other option, of which there were several.
I now have to pick up so many items to check two things.

  1. Salt content/percent
  2. Where it was made.
    Problem is that companies do not share on the packaging the original source and can now only indicate the location of the warehouse that repackage the oversees product or produce.
    If the USA and CDN flags were put on products “front and centre” as best will fit it certainly would take the guess work out of it. Like salt for instance, if the salt is reduced they usually show it on the front label, such as “less sodium” “low sodium” etcetera.

And below I add a few pictures of this cool belt I bought a few months back. I like it and it clearly shows the origin of the manufacturing and by who and what is is made of.


The crux of the biscuit. Tough question.

I know some brothers won’t be happy with me for saying this, but Harley Davidson is another. A number components are manufactured overseas (electronics, in particular). Chances are, if it’s got electronics in it, those components likely came from South Korea, Taiwan or China (the three accounting for ~90% of global semiconductor manufacturing).



Funny you should mention Harley. I work for a metal company that delivers raw material to machine shops. Being in the Philly area, one of our area’s is York, PA. The home of the Harley plant in the good old USA. They sub contract a lot of work to those small shops in that area. I know for a fact that Chinese metal and even some Chinese manufacturers parts are in those Harleys. There is a plant we deliver to that has a subsidiary in China. They are NOT supposed to use the Chinese plant or parts from China for the Harley plant. But they do it on the side, keeping it real quiet from Harley Davidson. Quite sneaky, but I know it to be true.


The two companies I mentioned have 100% American made QUALITY goods.


Being a life long motorcycle rider / mechanic / builder, I always laughed at the unknowledgeable Harley Davidson owner’s.
In 1965 when Harley changed to a hydraulic front fork suspension, it was produced in Japan by Howa.

The USA has always been it’s worst enemy when it comes to “Made In America” goods. Union’s have driven up the cost of making American made products so much over the year’s, along with the decline in the quality of most goods.
I like to buy goods made in the USA, but I also like buying the best product that will last for the lowest price, and that most commonly isn’t products made in the USA.


I checked out the AAC site so far. I’m tempted to try their jeans. Hard to find anything that fits like Levis on me but I’m always willing to give another brand a shot.

Yep, born and raised there, for better or worse. As for Harley, they did have a Buell plant in Kansas City at one time (only know this as I did production line design work for the facility) and I think they possibly have a few engine/powertrain plants as well.

When I last lived in York, my next door neighbor was an industrial electrician and he actually worked a production line refit at the Harley plant. When that plant installs a new line, they always have a big bash, literally a massive bike rally with food, beer, live music…and plant tours. It’s a pretty big deal. Anyway, he was doing some punch list work a few days before the festivities were to kick off and he noticed there were Harley workers kitting out the different workstations with tools and parts. He would watch one set of workers bringing part crates to each cell with pallet jacks, followed a few minutes later by another group of workers armed with striping stencils and orange and black paint. These workers were tasked with covering any “country of origin” markings that might be visible on any of the parts crates with orange and black stripes so the touring masses would be none the wiser.

Tru dat, brother.

I’m not pro or anti-union, but they often get greedy and drunk on power. Another York, PA example. Caterpillar used to have a large operation in York, not far from the Harley plant, coincidentally. For decades the union abused their position, bilking CAT of more and more money. They would only agree to short contracts and every time they were up for a new one, they would strike until their absurd demands were met. Karma’s a real bitch and eventually CAT told them to pound sand up their hoops and they shuttered most of the facility, moving operations elsewhere. York was already a pretty depressed area and that move hit doubly hard, the municipality took a massive hit to their tax base and all of the sudden there’s a couple thousand overpaid and under worked unemployed people looking for comparable paying jobs (that didn’t exist).


Yep, That’s why cars / trucks cost so much now. I had to take my 2012 Power Wagon to the local dealer a couple month’s ago. While there, I walked around the lot looking at the new trucks.
What a surprise! How the hell did the price of a pickup more than double in 10 years. I paid $38k for mine brand new, and a new one just like it is over $80k. That’s more money than I paid for my land and house years ago.
I’m glad I have a Lifetime warranty on mine, I’ll be driving it until the end of my days.


…or until the liberals pass motor laws banning all internal combustion engines, forcing everyone into electrics… :unamused:


Buy American? It is not as simple most everything is shoved down our throats by a corrupt, bribed and paid off Government and “Free Trade” yes I like to as much as possible, USA just no longer makes the goods.


I also prefer and believe in “Hire American” if they perform up to my standards. :face_with_monocle:

Community goods and services including “barter” is getting a welcomed refresher where I live. :+1:


When the Wu Flu first hit and there were shortages of everything everywhere, one of the guys at one of the machine shops I deliver to said something simple. “Maybe this country will learn it’s lesson and make some things over here now”. I don’t think we did.


I have two simple rules.

  1. If the company /person is directly adding value to OUR economy, i want to support them with my hard earned cash.
  2. Quality must be there, if im paying made-in-USA premium pricing.

Lets just say that if middle TN didnt have folks buying and supporting Nissan… that would be a huge negative impact to the 25,000+ people working directly and for local suppliers.
Its easy to say “dont buy foreign” but the reality, as many of you guys have already pointed out, is that the lines are so blurred in manufacturing locations, that its just easier to look for positive local impact.


So long as it’s more profitable not to, the money men won’t. Greed transcends political ideologies as well as geographies.


Indian does the same thing. To be labeled “made in America” only 51% of the parts have to actually be made here. I helped a friend replace some parts on his Indian RM after an accident. Not one of the replacement parts were made in the US. Most were from China, the rest from EU, Turkey and former Soviet block countries.
And if you think H-D prices are high they are cheap compared to Indian but that’s another story.


I will buy US made whenever possible but end result is my pocket, I drive a Honda 70% made in the US I purchase guns made all over, I like Ruger but my EDC is made in Austria.