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How Long Will a Stock Sub2k Last?

Have a new sub2k with now 250 rounds of 9mm fmj thru it. The only mods I have made are the recoil buffer, the recoiless charging handle, and the bolt tube cover. I don’t plan to make any more mods because I am not interested in getting into the internals. It is not my thing and I am not good at it! So was curious how long some of you have been able to keep yours running similarly modded or stock. Thanks for any replies!

After getting inside of my sub2k, It’s my opinion that in stock configuration, a sub 2000 will need to be sent back for warranty work within a couple of thousand rounds (maybe that’s how they picked the name, lol)

The plastic feed ramp will eventually fail. The plastic hammer bushing will eventually fail.

If you’re not going to shoot the sub often, I wouldn’t worry about it. But if you plan on shooting it a lot, or using it as a defensive weapon, I would recommend installing the Mcarbo internal parts kit. If you’re not confident in you’re ability to do the work yourself, Mcarbo will install the parts for you for $95.
Mcarbo does have some really good instruction videos, and the installation is not terribly difficult. The trigger/lockup improvement over the factory version is fantastic and better than I expected. Well worth the cost, IF you plan on shooting it frequently.

All I can say is, change your plans,
Upgrade your sub2k, and you will have one awesome gun when you get done ,
And polish the feed ramp, You can send your sub2k to Mcarbo and let them install it, or send it to kel tec, and they will install it, ether way you’ll have one Sweet sub2k ,
Join the club Gunslinger , you’ll be happy you did .
Best wishes!!!

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Mine has at least 3500 rounds through it. It has always had the recoil buffer. I recently added the ss feed ramp and hammer pin but saw no evidence of serious wear on either component. The only wear I have noticed is some elongation of the hole in bolt weight that receives the charging handle.


That’s what I was hoping to hear. It will be a long time before I have 3500 rounds thru it. If I have to send it back for some reason I may upgrade further, but right now I like it just the way it is.

Does anybody know how many sub2k’s KT has made since 2001? I did some internet searching to no avail.

Here, I will advice you to just change your plans. Reform your sub2k, and you will have one awesome gun.


I didn’t realize the word upgrade was politically incorrect , and Reform was the word. Thank you for the English lesson .