How Do You Carry?

Pretty damn sweet. Better than back in my truck days with a window rack.


I need to construct a kydex trigger cover. Yours has caused envy.

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Or, you could buy it. Spoke to the folks there… good people.

EDIT… adding website:


I absolutely love almost everything about my Canik TP9 Elite SC. But that fantastic trigger combined with the lack of a thumb safety makes me concerned about IWB carry. I know my finger is the ultimate safety, but clothing gets tangled and other unpredictable things happen. The concern is greater because I usually need to wear my shirt tucked and therefore am creating more possibilities for an accident. A gun I am afraid to carry is of little use to me so I am thinking about trading for something similar with a thumb safety. I would also want to install a Holosun 507K-X2 circle dot reticle on any replacement firearm. The Canik has the Shield sight which is excellent but my old eyes have trouble with the small dot. Any suggestions for a quality firearm in the same price range? Is my concern misplaced?

I am considering the S&W Equalizer if I can find one and get a fair trade.


Use one of those Kydex trigger covers like @TexasEskimo. Could even carry it Mexican style sans holster with that little doodad.


Good thought and I have one of those that I use with my Ruger LC9S. But the Canik also has an under-barrel Olight Baldr light/laser combo and I have not found a way to use that type of cover in that situation. If anyone knows how, I am open to suggestions.

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Trim and or cook up your own.


Might be worth a try. I have worked with foam but never kydex. Not even sure where to get it.

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I dont work with any kydex but the site i get alot of hardware and prop pistols from sells every sort of plastic holster stuff you can think of in every color and pattern you can think of. i dont know if there plastic prices are competitive or not but i can say there a good reliable company ive been using for years.


As Dave says, give it a try. You will need an oven, gloves, and something to cut it with. I use tin snips.


First Chest Holster Issue!!! :scream: :rage:

Did a medium stress hike yesterday. Had my everyday chest holster with G-26 Gen 4 nested. Didn’t bring any extra magazines this time…not smart.

This morning when I strapped the holster on I noticed the magazine was missing! Freaking stress level spiked!!! :scream::scream::scream:

Had to backtrack on some jobs I was also on to save any embarrassment…no mag there. :+1:

Went back to the trail. I remembered one part where I was repelling a steep angled rock and was upside down for a moment holding onto a rope.
There it was almost buried in the leaves!!! :grin::+1:

Here’s the concerning thing to know about chest holsters as of today. The magazine release may NOT BE PROTECTED. My mag release faces my chest. I had a long sleeve shirt on with the chest rig outside of course. Nothing to hit the mag release and it never happened before with daily use.

See magazine release below:

Not sure what to think of this new issue…Any thoughts?

I know…Dave is gonna say bring a revolver!!! :grin:

Edit: I just remembered my CCW instructor mentioning to always hike with a revolver!!!


The plastic is to thin and it leaves the mag release stuck out past holster. Waiting for the right bump to drop mag when not needed. They make little foam like pads for the plastic holsters i think for mostly iwb carry but something to build out that area around trigger guard to make it more even plane as the mag release or little bit proud of mag release. And that should stop any chance of pushing it against your body. Something like this.


Talked with Hoskin about it. He said originally they were covering the mag release but had complaints of unintentional release so they cut the kydex back. He said a few customers have done exactly what you recommended.

Thanks for the knowledgeable tip Dave…:+1::grin:


Walther PPS (gen 1 .40S&W or gen 2 9 mm depending on mood) in a Boraii kydex pocket holster in the right front pocket of my bib overalls. Same rig in my Vertex khakis when I’m forced to attend doc’s or other functions that I cannot get out of and where I can’t wear the overalls. Picked up a couple kydex pocket mag holders on ebay a few years ago that I really like and also EDC but the seller isn’t on there anymore and I can’t find others that I like.
I’m still just too fat to carry any other way. Though I have dropped about 25 pounds since Cathy passed and now my khakis won’t stay up! Of course Vertex has now discontinued that particular style of pants that I love. Dammitall, I just might have to acquire me some suspenders…


Useful suspenders


Who made this? Do you wear it much?


I paired a couple of Bianchi X15 with some webbing to replace the strap across my back. I just used the holsters themselves and then wove the webbing into where the upper horseshoe sections adjust in the holsters. The webbing goes from the front leg of one holster to the back leg of the other. Makes a figure 8 that I wear like a vest. I did not tie the webbing together where they cross in the middle of my back. It allows for more freedom of movement and less printing. I wear it anytime I have the opportunity to wear a suit coat while on security, or anytime I am going to wear a button up over my undershirt. It is quite comfortable and well balanced with a 1911 and P95DC. So yes , a few times a week.


Exhibit number one


My home state of Minnesota requires a carry permit, but doesn’t require you to conceal. However I normally carry one of my two 1911’s in a Yaqui slide under a flannel shirt. Works pretty well, though I don’t need to worry about accidental exposure. And for the most part people just don’t pay attention.


Wearing a suit is cheating! I want to see you pull it off in flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt like a real man! Lol

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