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How Do You Carry Your Sub 2000 With MCARBO Optic Mount and Optic Installed?

Was wondering how people carried the sub 2K with MCARBO’s optic mount with optic? Laying flat, the optic sticks up 5 1/2 inches. The width is 8".

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Oh my. What optic commands that stature? Mine with Holosun 507C fits all the same carriers it used to fit. It’s just gor a proud little bump in the mix.

Pre-mount rig (note plenty of foam to carve out a bump for the optic on mount)

S2k with proud bump.

These pics were on this tablet so they are offered for example. My Sub2k has continued its evolution so currently has a different forend. It rides in the same soft side carriers it always has and the case pictured has a hunk of foam cutout to accommodate it laying optic side down.


While the extra thickness can be problematic - especially in some soft-sided cases - I have done the same as @Dred. Unfortunately, I initially had the gun reversed and therefore had to cut all new foam to place it optic side down. This is an inexpensive Harbor Freight case with some of the foam replaced with Kaizen foam.

S2K in case


As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words…I’ve attached a few photos I took with a yard stick showing length. The red dot sight I have is the Bushnell TRS-25 with a 1/2" riser attached to the MCARBO optic mount, which makes the laying down height with optic attached 5 1/2". The total length is 17 1/2" because of the installed MCARBO muzzle brake. The “proud bump” I see in one of your photos is probably similar to mine. Are you also saying that other photo you sent showing a sub2k in the case of foam does have the MCARBO optic mount installed, and the optic side is placed in the case first so it is not shown in the photo??? If so, it sounds exactly like something I’m searching for, if that’s what you did. As of now, I carry it in an old gym bag, but would like to place it in a case. What is the exact Harbor Freight case you’re using? I see several Apache’s on their website, but have to say, the one you’re using looks like the perfect size for the sub2k. thank you.


The optic mount disappears because the rifle is stored optic and mount facing down. The optic mount was not installed in the case picture I shared. @JoeFridaySays provided a pic of what it looks like with the mount installed and stowed.

Disclosure: I have a new buttstock on deck that I’m still deciding on. And I also have a different muzzle device that will get a go. My foam won’t be cut again until my sub is final, final. It’s presently riding in a variety of soft cases while waiting for its next modifications. @JoeFridaySays to the rescue on this front.

BBut, are you really running a 1/2" riser between the TRS and the MCARBO mount? That will put that optic up there fer sure.


@boxcar @Dred has responded to your questions. Note, however, that the case I am using might be too small for a S2K with muzzle brake (one of the reasons I do not have one). You might be able to fit the firearm diagonally though.

I had to place a 1/2" riser on the MCARBO optic mount as the red dot was hitting lower to middle of the front sight body. I called MCARBO, told them the problem, and they suggested I try a small riser, (1/2"), which I did, and it’s now zeroed in. As far as the Harbor Freight case, looks like you two are using the same size Apache case/model? I am slightly baffled on the model/style # you guys are using and appreciate your input. thanks


@dred is using a fancier and apparently slightly wider case. The Harbor Freight one is Model 4800.

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Thank you very much for all your input. You guys have definitely placed me on the road I was looking for. I will now have to do some research to see if it can accommodate my sub2k and if I am successful, I will post and show the results.

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Mine is a Rigid brand tool case sourced at Home Depot last year. They were also available through Amazon for about twice the money.


Kaizen foam sourced from Amazon.

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I have ordered from Amazon whenever the shipping was reasonable but it often costs almost as much to ship the large foam pieces as they cost. And since they usually come directly from the supplier, free Prime shipping is not available.
If you have one nearby, the Woodcraft stores frequently have a limited selection in stock at prices comparable to Amazon. That is where I have made my last several purchases of foam.



Success! I couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone.

  1. Harbor Freight Apache 4800 case. $58.
  2. Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight on 1/2” riser mounted on MCARBO optic mount buried deep inside foam.
  3. All accessories with M series sub2k in case: picatinny flashlight holder, front sight adjustment tool, 4 Glock 19 magazines, and single point sling.
    Absolutely love it.

Now, is there anything I can spray on to “preserve” the integrity of the foam insert or just live with it as is?


I am unaware of anything and would be concerned about solvents eating away at the foam. I do not use my case that often so I cannot say how long the foam holds up. But as long as no areas are cut too thin (which does not appear to be a problem for you), it should hold up for quite a long time.