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How Do You Carry Your S2K?


Voodoo soft cases. A decent case for the money. I also own the Harbor Freight hard cases when I want to transport a pistol with my Sub.


I know I’m disappointing at least a few of you guys but once I started in on this thing…I couldn’t make myself not paint it Black as much as I wanted to go incognito mode this is what my brain saw. Might change it up later but for now this is what instinct made me do.
I sprayed 2 lines of pink and couldn’t do anymore. Lol


@Flogrown The path to the Dark Side is a tempting one…

Next thing you know you’ll have stickers on your truck!!! :imp:


how could you let us all down?


I’m going to sneak stickers onto his truck the next time we go shoot.


He (@Flogrown) seems a little conflicted though. Maybe a compromise with something like this:


Pink is what pink duds ?


Even on the windshield ?


Next thing we will see is that TEDDY BEAR with a raise arm and finger pointing to the sky ?


If there wasn’t a tactical care bear there should have been


@Flogrown How about a Second Amendment Care Bear?


I got an AR500 Level 111+ light (.556) 8X10 just over 4 pounds. I’m getting old and this helped cut down the weight when running in the plate carrier. I also have level 111A hybrids which don’t cover rifle but less than a pound with trauma pad. It was 30% off on black friday/cyber Monday. Not sure if the discount is still on or maybe for Christmas.


@d.Ag I have a whole closet full of AR500 stuff, solid gear in my opinion!


Been working on this for a few months here and there


I was thinking about ways to make carry cases/bags less desirable as a theft target and thought of this.
Label bags/cases with a Velcro patch designating it something like, Stool/Urine samples, Biopsy waste, or ? LOL
(obviously don’t use when going through customs, airport security, etc.)


thats easy brother paint the case red, and stick one of these on it, or one that say biological waste…biohazard%201


Like some others, I use the VooDoo Tactical bag ($37) as my range and truck gun bag. It’s obviously “tactical” and no amount of pink paint or Barbie stickers will conceal it’s true nature. LOL Other than that, I am really happy with it. It holds:
Sub 2000 with muzzle brake and recoil pad and Glock 19 (outside pocket)
4 happy sticks and 6 Glock 19 mags
Red dot sight
Hearing protection and speed loader

It gets dragged in and out of my gun safe and truck every day and has held up well. I like having easy access to my Glock 19 as it is my primary defense.

One of the unanticipated benefits of the S2K is that I have saved some money on range fees as I can put a lot of lead down range in a short period of time. Love those happy sticks. :grinning:



@jeffing65 I like that idea and think I may go with this.


I just hope it doesn’t inspire some wanna be terrorist who never heard of Resident Evil to steal my guns.


Biohazard eh?

Y’all can probably pull it off. Me … I get profiled too frequently. If they thought I was shuffling biohazards, I imagine some next level cavity search would be in my future.

If I see someone carrying a biohazard marked case that doesn’t also have AC/DC and my little pony stickers, someone would have my attention and I would be solving the “quickest way to ventilate” your skull question just in case.

Now if they are wearing scrubs at a hospital or research lab, they’d be less threatening. For realism you need to review the codes regarding biohazard transportation - I think the containers are either red or white.



Could work as a S2K case.s-l400%20(1):grin: