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How Do You Carry Your S2K?


Understood, But keep buying these $50 bags that are made over seas, that fall apart in 6-8 months gets frustrating. Not against spending 200. on a bag that will last for years of hard daily use. The wife uses her bag every day. Would love to find a bag that’s not 100% tactical look, and colors. But your normal everyday back packs defiantly don’t last for the abuse she puts them through, that’s why we started using tactical style bags. But those cheap bags don’t last either. Most searches I come up with all lead back to the cheaper tac bags.


@rrorcpa in my experience an expensive pack can get torn up just as quickly as a cheap one.

Often some of the cheaper tactical gear and some of the higher end stuff are made by the same OEM, you are just paying for a name.

And sometimes cheaper is better! My Condor carrier has far outlasted my Tactical tailor!


Both Peak Gun Cases and AKases both make discreet carry for the Sub 2k. https://www.akases.com/product-category/sub2000/


@Johnksg If your School security personnel ever actually deployed with Sub 2000s, something like this might be an ideal way to carry them without drawing attention. Camelbaks are known to everyone and would probably eventually be seen as part of the “uniform” drawing no attention, especially a traditional looking version like the one below.


thanx for that Boomchucker, i thought i was going thru CRS (cant remember ****) when i posted to the thread, I thought, and then i posted to it again because the first one seemingly disappeared…


You’re welcome @GOBLIN, I’m always there for ya👍


Good point, if they used something like that, no one would notice at all.


When I first read this I thought “slings?” as you see below,I wasn’t thinking the bag its usually carried in when not in use I use an old laptop bag and also use that bag to keep all my mcarbo parts to be installed and replaced factory parts.

As seen above its almost time to take apart the sub2k for the 2nd time and install the new mcarbo parts i collected slowly. I just ordered the 9mm mcarbo compensator/muzzle break so once that comes in I’ll start the teardown.
I use a ebay sling and 550 cord. It works and keeps my hands free on LONG hikes.


Carry it folded in my GHB. Its an Asend D3000 pack with waist belt and internal frame with plenty of padding on my back. When carrying without the pack, I use a single point sling mounted on the MCARBO quick detach ring.


rigid case


Happened to come across one of the best $5.00 Craigslist deals I have ever seen. Used DJ equipment case with working key and lock. Had the foam already laying around and voila. I think @Boomchucker has something similar it’s almost as if it were made for the Sub2K. Now I just paint it pink put some girly girl stickers on there and I have my covert case LoL


Nice job kenny are going to bring it on the 16th


@KM55 Kenny said he was going to paint it pink and put girly girl stickers on it…please get a picture for all of us to see.:laughing:


@dave67 I will send you one when I finish it. LMAO it sounds funny I know but I saw one like that and thought it was the best covert gun case I’d ever seen I posted it in this thread a while back. Never ever expect it to be housing a firearm.


@KM55 I will have it with me. Also I found 2 used violin cases on Craigslist for $10.00 I am going to modify one of those for the sub as well. If you want the other it’s your brother.


Great Score ! on the case, As Far as the Updated color Plan’s I don’t Know?:joy:


This is kinda what I’m going for in hopes that if I have it in the truck and have to run into a store or whatever no one will bust my window out cause they see it plastered with firearm manufacturer insignia. That is also why I do not put any type of pro gun stickers on my truck, that to me is the same as painting a bullseye on your truck for thieves.


Got the inside finished


Super nice setup. Nice job kenny. Now you need to paint it pink and put my little pony stickers on it


Ken I was thinking care bears hahahaha​:joy::rofl: