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How Do You Carry Your S2K?


actually the side switch it not inconvenient at all.
it can be turned to put the switch in any easily reachable comfortable position.


mounted in the position mine is, it is slightly forward of the muzzle . makes it good for pushing on doors or poking through debris etc.without fouling the barrel.


I’ve got the same angled foregrip paired with a streamlight TLR 4 laser/light combo. With that foregrip my thumb is perfectly positioned to operate the light. I can select the setting, and choose momentary or constant without more than slightly changing my grip. And since it’s a pistol light, it isn’t heavy at all. Sure, it’s not gonna light up a target 50 yards away, but I’m building my Sub as a range gun now and eventually a home defense platform, and it works well for that. Don’t want a stupid bright light indoors anyways haha.

But sounds like you’ve got different roles in mind for yours. I gotta say I love how huge that thing looks on there!


a friend has your setup and it is a nice combo. your right about the indoor thing. my light is incredibly bright and hard on the eyes in enclosed areas. I do use mine out in the open desert mostly, where lighting it up like daylight at 50-100 yards is awesome.


Carry mine in my GHB along with a Glock 17, 6-17 round and 3-33 round mags. Pretty much has everything I’d need to get home to go with it.


What kind of mags are those to the far left and right?


One is my 10 rd recall mag with the dimple drilled; the other is the 17 rd Pro Mag that came with my Sub 2000. Both have Tarant Tactical +5/6 base pads. They are both dead reliable (basepads come with extra power mag spring replacements) with a 23 round capacity.

The slots were cut before my 33 rd Promags failed. I no longer trust the Promags at all so their spot was reassigned. The 23s stay loaded with Gold Dot 147s.


Awesome. Thanks for the info. Want to spruce up my mags so this helps for sure. The base pads look rad!


Like so many others, I use a 15" computer bag. Admin pouch area hold a number of 33 round mags and extra ammo boxes, too.


thats very nice! Simple, clean and no wasted space.


using this scope mount (not sure what it is) with a 1/2 inch rise, the full size stream lite rests perfectly up against the bottom of the front tab and butts up perfectly against the front of the center tab on the angled fore-grip. .
Although I haven’t played around with it to test any change it might make, it can also be adjusted more forward to increase its affect as a compensator to some degree.


I like this case thus far…


What is the best Bug out bag that will last, Getting tired of replacing bags from torn shoulder straps off the bag. every 6-8months have to get a new bag. So what does everybody recommend on a bag that will last and last, don’t feel like spending $500 for a bag though.


Look at Hill people Gear , www.hillpeoplegear.com
Heavy Recon kit bag for EDC/GHB, need more space? add the recon harness and the butt pack, with a bottle holster. need a INCH /SHTF pack? The Tarahumara to the Qui-ya. good thing about their stuff, get what you need, cause it lasts and is made to work. yoyu can customize with pouches /pockets, dump pouches, every thing you need , is on their site. you can get as much or as little as your needs require. not a one size fits all kind of place.
good people to work with as well…


I gotta know … how often do you bug out? I can’t imagine wearing out the straps on a bag that’s packed, but simply lives on the ready. In the past 6 months we’ve had maybe two reasons to bug out if you live in the Southeast - but, Chinese made straps on a WalMart bag will survive two uses so I suspect you and I have different conceptions of a bugout bag. What kinda bag you looking to get?

@Boomchucker … in case you were wondering, when you move a post - it flat out dissapears off the screens of folks that are try’n to read the post. Took me a few moments to figure out why what I was reading zapped itself.


Ha! Did not realize that. Sorry to throw you off. Not sure if there’s even a better way, but I’m glad you found it’s new home😁


@rrorcpa I would suggest the line of Condor bags. I know a lot of the tactical guys sneer at them as “air soft gear” but honestly their stuff holds up as well if not better than the big name, big $$, equipment.

Something to be said about spending $35-60 for a quality pack!

All of my kids have them as BOBs and hunting packs and so far none them have failed after several years of hard use.


I carry my sub2k in an old camelback that I’ve had for years. It fits perfectly and has 2 external pockets for mags, optics, etc. hopefully these pictures will do it justice.


The wife and myself use our bags for everyday carry bags. The wife is harder on her bag then I am., that one of the reasons I’m always getting new bags so quickly. She uses her bag as her purse/small business/extras for her CCW. So her bag weights anywhere from 5-20lbs at any given time. Yeah I usually carry my S2K in my bag,


Ok, starting from this point … tell us about your needs. Pockets, dividers, carry style, volume, etc. need to be defined for me so I can try to help you identify a durable, appropriate solution.

If you take a look at NRA Store Bags, am I even on the right track looking at Tactical Loaded Bugout Bag at NRA Store? I like the bag but would prefer to load it myself. It could make for an awesome murse bag (man purse for man stuff) for you or tactical purse for your wife.

My point is … the better you define your problem, the more help we can offer solving the problem. Fair warning … high quality, durable bags that actually have lifetimes measured in years will appear cost prohibitive until you amortize across years of bag failures/replacements. The buy once goal may cause you to cry once.