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How Do You Carry Your S2K?




Legal to transport rifles in wv during daylight as long as not loaded. Darkness must be in a case


What about with a permit in WV? It’s a felony here in Utah to have a rifle chambered in a vehicle, but with a carry permit? Good to go.


@Wedge The carry permit in WV is for handguns only. Doesn’t make much sense at all. They’re afraid long guns would be used for poaching game animals, especially at night.


Wv is a constitutional carry state, now. I wish they’d bring back the back window gun rack.


That’s what I love about my two states of AZ and UT. They are both “concealed firearms permits”, not handgun only. I can legally carry a concealed and chambered rifle in both states. Even my SUB2000 folded and chambered (if that were possible) in a backpack. :+1:


in my trusty laptop back pack, it’s almost like they were made for each other…


only $47 and it is a very good incognito bag for the s2k.


Any recommendations on a soft laptop type case that will hold a few mags as well? It would need to fit with a muzzle brake as well.


Backpack style or messenger bag style?


Voodoo tactical case works great at least until I get a sight of some kind of sight on it plus it holds my 2 31rd mags nicely…as well as 4 more mag pouches on the front for I think up to a 21 rd mag and two zipper and Velcro pouches also on the front for anything else you want to store in there.


Soft case. Preferably with a handle. Something I can take solo or put the whole thing in a backpack. I dig that voodoo case, looks like plunty of room for the muzzle and extra mags.


that actually looks pretty good, I might need to pick one up my self.


this is an off the shelf laptop case i use. It has a front pouch that folds down and has slots that fit mags, tools, cleaning kit, gps, etc.
Although I think the advertised dimension is 16 inch’s wide, mine will fit a folded s2k with a length of 17 1/2 - 18 inches
It is made by Bucks Bags Inc. in Boise, Idaho They make a variety of products including fishing/hunting and more.
In the past I and others have had them make custom alterations to their products to fit a specific application or size (and they still will i’m guessing) if you wanted to go that route, for a custom fit.

Here is a link if you want to take a look.or drop them a line.




I actually found this bag at Walmart. It’s a gun range bag and everything fits perfectly. It’s a sling pack.


Just found these bags in my closet. S2k fits great. Very incognito.


Is that an entire streamlight mounted to your Sub?! That must weigh at least 1/3 the weight of the entire gun. Doesn’t look like one with a tailswitch either so turning it on must be a PITA…


Lol, he won’t need a compensator at least, that thing will probably help keep the barrel nice and flat :+1::wink:


it is. I had the light already so i use it on the s2k on occasion. It ts heavy. lol right about that. I dont normally keep it mounted unless there is a need for it. But man is it bright! and it does keep the barrel down…