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How Do You Carry Your S2K?


Even with the Ar-15Discounts muzzle brake installed, it still fits inside nicely. BTW - I looked inside and out on that bag and I could not find a label or tag on it anywhere. And when I went to the Gonzales show this past Sunday, I didnt see the nice old lady anywhere.

But y’all can see what I’m trying to achieve here: a SHTF bag that doesnt scream “tactical” or “guns inside”.


Here’s my S2K with the 50rd drum and the crappy sling on it.


What is grip that you have on your Sub there?


It’s a Hogue.

I’m looking for a more substantial alternative. Other day at the range it was in the 90’s and the heat made the Hogue get loose & sloppy (like my exgirlfriends) and it kept slipping down the pistol grip. Very annoying.


Check out Talon Grips. They make custom fit gritty and rubber grip tape for many pistols and the Sub2K. I’ve put their rubber tape on all my pistols.


Talon Grips are good stuff. Hickok45 turned me on to those.


What is the 20 off coupon code this weekend?


Remember Our Fallen Ends at midnight tonight.


Don thanks for your help! I bought the s/s feed ramp and buffer washer. I already have some off brand washer in there but it’s looking pretty rough after only 1000 rounds.

wife’s working today but I’m Spending the day with friends, cleaning our guns, barbecuing and remembering our current serving military (I have a nephew in 82nd Airborne - he just got back from another tour)

Thanks, mark




Ok, Im going to show 2 carry’s that I have been using so far… One is a laptop bag that I use as my range bag It has tools, sharpie pens in 3 colors to mark targets, pouches and slots for magazines, ammo boxes, targets, tape, etc.

The second is a back pack with great place for stowage when traveling.
I will follow this reply with another reply showing a 3rd carry that everyone can do themselves.


Now here comes a quick and easy alternative when your budget is low or you cant find what you want easily.
I did this just this morning.

I went out to the shed and found an old cordless set the batteries had died on long ago.

I took the old stuff out and set the s2k in. It fit almost perfect all by itself… ( I have done these refit cases for lots of things and it happens more often than you would think. )

I set two 50 round ammo boxes under it and marked some tiny corners that needed to be trimmed out or modified allowing the boxes to set down flat in their respective places and allowing the s2k to set in place above them.
I used my propane torch to carefully heat the marked corners and used a piece of 1 inch flat metal to push the corners down and square them. Held it till it cooled in place. (marked with red for visual

after mod)
I put ammo back in place along with two 20 round boxes, a red dot, a laser, and leather-man tool
that fit perfectly in the other recesses with no needed modification… Dropped a bore cleaning kit in the lids instruction slot and snapped it shut. Everything is tight and held in its place when shut.
It also still has more room to add accessories in the vacant spaces, or customize further to suit your personal needs. I’m not sure what else I want for mine, so I stopped at this point to further consider before continuing.

53 minutes including a coffee refill and a smoke break.!



And so who can do it??? You can do it!!!
Foam or other lining can be used to make it a trim, clean, factory look.
And the total and final cost was only 53 minutes.



This is my S2K, front sight removed, hand guard stabilized, rear sight replaced, cover over recoil spring tube, cover over charging knob, replacement trigger, feed ramp, springs and screws & nuts, single point sling attachment both sides, red dot sight and weapons light. All in a 60 year old Samsonite Briefcase. Not done yet but well on my way! R S
Remembering Neil Knox


That is a very nice setup. I would freak people out if I ever showed up with a brief case. Not that type, always been the backpack type. Still like the setup.


KM55 would James Bond show up with a backpack? R S


What optic is that? I love my holographic sight (Holosun 510C Elite) with the green reticle. Also, what are those two round things in the front? Spare batteries?


No, but I’m not the JB type no suit and tie for me. I am more of the old vet who wears very relaxed type clothes and always has a backpack. No formal dinners for this one, I enjoy BBQ’s


Wedge that is an Osprey red dot. The round things is batteries. The foam is from Caroline Custom Foam. ​​​​​​​http://www.carolinacustomfoam.com