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How Do You Carry Your S2K?


I use a similar bag to yours. Lots of pockets and compartments for a grab and go bag


@Flogrown Why is your front sight way past your butt stock when folded? It is suppose to tuck right into that little void on back of butt stock.


@dave67 that’s not my sub. I was showing another dude’s travel case. But I noticed that too it is wierd. It may be the candian version which has a longer Barrell I believe


@Flogrown Ok, looks like it could be about 2" longer so maybe thay have an 18" minimal length because 16" is just way to dangerous.:joy:


I also see that humongoloid vertical grip/light , it looks like the size of my Glock 34 holy moly


@Matt No doubt man, That’s hilarious


@Matt I think that vertical grip light is actually one of those new laser guns.


That sure is a fancy camo job on that case. I would never expect to see a gun come out of there.



Nice setup Neal , but where does the Chihuahua go?


I still don’t have a tactical doggy carrier for the bike yet :wink:


With the muzzle break on it is a tight fit inside the back pack but it still fits.IMG_20180516_201506945%20(640x480)


Here in Fl that backpack pic will get you in hot water. Ccw in Fl only applies to HANDGUNS not carbines. After our local atf guy told me straight out that they are indeed going after sub 2k’s in packs if found my pretty 2k went in the safe.

Be careful


In WV it is legal to transport long guns as long as they are not loaded and in a case. The picture shows there is no magazine inserted and hopefully the chamber is empty.


I did read where they have made the concealed firearm as a pistol. I understand why they made the changes with the short barreled shotguns. I look on the backpack as a gun case to carry it to the range and back it’s no different then my gun bag that has shoulder straps… I can’t carry any firearm at work. I work for the federal govt. It’s not worth my job and a possible 7-15 years in jail to have one on me.


As a case, i agree. However, the atf def doesnt agree with common sense. They like the word “intent”.


I bought the same case from that couple…nicely made and great quality at a great price…also got the one that holds extended mags


The case on the right is the factory Kel-Tec Sub-2000 case but will not fit the Sub with the muzzle brake installed. I found a similar case on Ebay (left case) that is an inch longer and fits the Sub with muzzle brake and butt stock recoil pad for $29.95. The Ebay case does not have as much padding as the Kel-Tec case but does have room for some mags or an optic. Probably the smallest case you will find for the Sub-2000, it just barely fits.


I was at the Gonzales La gunshow Fall 2017 when I saw this nice old lady selling various backpacks and carryalls for guns. I was looking for a SHTF backpack I could put my S2K and Glock 19 into and selected this one…bp1