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How Do You Carry Your S2K?


Yes I can see it now


I have the ar500 body armor and its not light each plate weighs about 8-10 lbs. I realize that soft armor is only good for pistols rounds unless you spend really big bucks. It is a tough decision to make weight vs protection.


I have a very cool tactical clip board that will handle up to a 44 mag. but again, will not stop rifle cartridge.


Man I don’t envy you. I lived in Dale City VA in 1984-1986. Worked at Anacostia naval station. It was bad back then, would hate to think how messed up it is now.


Was your clip board manufactured by a company called Hardwire?


can you post a photo of the clipboard




Was just curious. Went for a tour of a company on the eastern shore when I was out on the bay bridge installing “blast shields” around the cable and one of the things we got to handle was a clip board proto type that I thought was a really neat idea.


That is cool and it wouldn’t give you away carrying it.


Ballistic fiberglass stops 44 mag. and of course knifes, ice picks, etc. Carry your tactical pen with it and you at least have something with you to protect yourself and hopefully stop the threat.


The price isn’t bad for what your getting. weight is 3.5#.
the ar500 Level III+ hybrid is 3x the cost only weighs 1#.


I use a 17" laptop case for concealed carry in the car. Fits great under the front seat. Folded, 4 mags. I also just ordered a Voodoo Tactical Enlarged Pistol Case. The Voodoo will be my everyday storage/carrier.


I use a Morton Enterprise Enhanced Keltec 2000 Case. It fits the firearm and several mags perfectly and it is discreet. Here’s a link to their Web site:



@VAbowhunter That’s a good size case, will fit Sub-2000 with a muzzle break attached.


I use a soft briefcase, for that “I’m just going to the office” look!


Love it, I tried a leather attaché case and it didn’t work real well no cushion. Sticking with the backpack for now


Looking at changing backpacks to my rush 72. I like having a little more room for items like soft armor in the pack, my other pack didn’t have room for it. The pack is larger, but I won’t stick out because all the people I work with are retired military or in the reserves so everyone carries a military looking backpack.


Samsonite Black Nylon Expandable Computer Business Case works perfectly for me. Made of ballistic nylon and is small but also has plenty of room to carry everything that goes with my Sub2K. Got it on ebay for $25 :grinning:



A guy over in the KTOG forums uses this. Pretty Covert