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How Do You Carry Your S2K?


looks like a great bag to tote around the Sub2000, not very discreet but it does work for the range and just hauling it around or leaving it in the vehicle. :cowboy_hat_face:


Here in Ohio, my CCW is for hand guns or we open carry, not sure how trying to conceal a S2k would work out


Put it down your pants in front the girls will just love you.:rofl:


Down your pants folded or unfolded?


My backpack is very similar with a logo from a past company golf tournament. I have to keep my wife from stuffing the backpack full of other crap when we leave the house. Lol.


I got my wife her own backpack and if she wants to fill it that’s fine she carries it.:us:


I was just on gunbroker.com and they are selling cases for the Sub2000 with the foam already precut. It was a little pricey for $124.99 plus shipping


I like to carry my S2K with My 2A hands! Nothing else needed!


Your very welcome, I like your plan to put a soft armor in the pack. That is something to look into. If you find a deal on armor please share with all of us.


Backpack size panels about $60-$70 on Ebay.


After some nuggin’, I ended up choosing something that would protect me and loved ones against 5.56 caliber weapons. Found this: https://www.ar500armor.com/ar500-armor-body-armor/backpack-armor/ar500-armor-backpack-plate-iii-lw-9825.html

I ordered one, I’ll do some dry range testing for fit/comfort with my various bags that I use:

  • Timbuk2 Messenger Bag
  • Civilian Camelback bag with external bladder pocket (works great with stripped down S2K!)
  • GoRuck GR1

I’ll post some videos so folks can see the difference with different types of bags.


That pre molded hard case on Gunbroker for the Sub-2000 looks like a Ridgid tool case that they modified the inside of, so I guess it looks like you are carrying a power tool.


That 9.5"x13" AR500 panel you are getting for your backpack weighs 8lbs. I have two (front & back) 8"x10" AR500 panels for my vest and they weigh 6.2lbs. each but manageable in a vest. I use a soft Level III in my backpack which is light but useless if shooter has a rifle.


Correct, hence why I went with a plate vs. a panel. From my perspective, living / working in the DC Area, I would more likely encounter threats from rifle vs. pistol. My bags are designed to carry 20+ lbs. of gear, not optimal for speed but I rather have it and not needed it, than need it and not have it. (I blame my Ranger buddies for teaching me that one!)


Really like this case a couple that shows up at our local gun shows sell these for all different sized guns. Talked my dad into buying one for his. Next time I see them I am going to see what they have for my newly acquired X95


You both have made valid points.
It great to have rifle level coverage! and to be light on your feet is equally important. I/we train to shoot and move, shoot and move, find cover, empty magazine, reload reassess!


I built into a Rigid case using Kaizen foam. Of course, I had a different laser attached and believed the 32 round promags were reliable when I layed out for the cuts, so …

Hard Case For SUB2000

What’s that thing in the mag well?


Wild guess would be some kind of cable lock???


There are actually 2 chamber flags in the magwell. The curve in the longer one is what happens when you fold your Subby with a flag still installed.

The flags are used to quickly and clearly signal a safe firing condition. My club requires their use. The second flag is for the pistol that rides on my hip.